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Check 1,2,3

16 Jun

Check 1, 2, 3…

I may not be a rockstar or some famous singer but doesn’t mean that I wasn’t that girl in my bedroom at 9 years old jammin’ out with my spoon as my microphone.  So I get a little piece of stardom…my own blog 🙂 I first thought I wanted to do a blog about all of my wedding dreams when I first got engaged, but part of me wanted it to be a surprise for my guests.  I put my ideas of a blog on hold as I planned and planned for months for the big day.  So now that we have moved to California and away from family and friends I thought this would be a great opportunity to blog about our adventures out on the west coast.  

Hopefully this blog will not be ALL about me and what I am doing (because I can get boring!), but also about budget decor, books, fashion and make-up, recipe dishes, and anything else I get my hands on! Hope you enjoy a little slice of joy out of this blog.