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50th Post!

30 Sep


anyway you say it….




we hit 50 blog posts!!

completely and amazingly exciting to be blogging because sometimes I like to start things and not keep it going…mee??? NEVER??

so it is a proud proud moment and if fifty is cool for the rapper 50 cent….then it is cool enough for my BLOG!!!

In honor of my 50 posts I am going to do  five TOP 10 lists!!! 5×10=50!!!


I love the blogging world and normally in the morning with my cup o’ joe I will scan these top 10 blogs before starting my day.  It is a great release and at times brings me a great deal of inspiration.


*An awesome wedding photographer Jasmine Star out in the OC.  Not only are her pictures inspiring but she is a fabulous writer.


*Dari has TWO..yup TWO blog that are equally amazing.  This one is fabulous because it is her life after marriage with decor, recipe and other newlywed funness.


*My calligrapher Jessica started this blog when she was getting married and although I don’t need any more wedding tips it is great to see her post other wedding pictures and inspirations. 


* this blog just oozeesss inspiration and useful fashion finds.  I absolutely love the pictures she uses and I always want the “lovely goods” section.


*this is for the artsy crafty type of people–the things that she comes up with and create just blows my mind.  She is a contributer on my next favorite blog and her creativity is amazing.  totally jealous.


*This is a very popular blog out in the wedding world and she is from B-town! I was in love with this blog when planning my wedding and just couldn’t get enough.  Even though I am married still fun to see other weddings!


*My BFF KB had a recipe blog that was to die for.  It included pictures, recipes, tips and we had similar taste buds because anything I tried I was in love with.  Some of our weekly staples have come out of this blog and it is with sadness to say the blog wasn’t fun for her anymore so she stopped blogging–BUT she still has her recipes on the website so go take a looksie!!


*This is a lawyer by day–fashionista by night! I have recieved some great beauty advice from this blog and she always knows when the good sales are for top designers. 


*This blog a little bit of everything in it–I truly love all the ideas that this blog brings.  It is a more recent find and thrilled to have it come across my path!


*This is what exactly the blog title is–decorating!! Although I don’t have my house yet it still gives me inspiration for my apartment and it will definately be in the top 5 blogs when I own a place and can really recreate a space.


1. Olive Garden

2. Panera

3. Sheetz

4.  TGIF’s



7. Chili’s

8. Ruby Tuesdays

9. Wendy’s

10. Qdoba



1. Reality Shows

2. Coffee

3. Obsessive about football season

4. Cheese Fries

5. Bud Light Lime

6. Planning…Planning…

7. Purses

8.  Any beauty/make-up product

9. reading blogs

10. my iphone!

(i am sure that my husband would like to revise this list…HAHA!)


1. Vermont in the Winter

2. Northern California

3. Vail, Colorado

4. Mexico

5. Cape May, NJ

6. Philly

7. Dominican Republic

8. Georgia

9. Toronto, Canada

10. Florida


1. skittles

2. lindt white chocolate truffles


4. sour patch kids

5. fun dip

6. bunch a crunch

7. Hersey’s cookie and cream

8. nerds

9. Swedish Fish

10. Mike & Ikes


I really grown to love to blog and although when times get busy and I feel the guilt of not blogging it is a great way to look back and see all the great things I was thinking or doing.  Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and a special thanks to the individuals who subscribed to my blog on google reader–I am so honored!!

I can’t wait to see what the next 50 blog posts brings us! 

a place I want to desperately to see soon…



Happy Blogging!!



Afternoon Slump…

29 Sep

so after a restless night of sleeping I am staring at my computer in an afternoon coma…

to make matters worse I have a 2+ hour meeting staring me in the face.


I totally called this about 2:30am this morning when I saw still trying to get to sleep.

I need a slap in the face, cold shower, another slap in the face and perhaps someone giving me a wedgie to wake me up. 

I am day dreaming about curling up in a ball in my home…



some things up my sleeve though are getting out our “new home” cards to all of our family and friends and getting wordpress on my iphone so I am blog on the go. Super jazzed about this app! YAY!

Happy Tuesday {yet feels like Monday!}


Sleepless Night…

29 Sep

I absolutely love to sleep. 

It is one of my favorite past times and I do this job well.  For some it takes effort to have a good soulful deep sleep. 

not me. 

I get deep lovely amazingly wonderful sleep on a consistent basis and which also makes me a horrible non-morning person.  Although I have grown older and can’t sleep until late in the day, I can still sleep in on any given sunday and I still grumble every time I hear the alarm clock no matter what time of day it is.  alarms stink.

and so with this amazing sleep I always get on a regular basis I hate the few and very far between nights where nothing can get me to sleep.  no amount of fluffing and re-fluffing the pillow, tossing and turning, dream ipod applications, or thinking of a black wall {which normally always helps!} will get me to sleep.  I will just stare at the clock ticking as I know it will be time to wake up in 4 hours and 36 minutes…35 minutes…34 minutes….well yea you get the point.  it is torture and I stare at my husband who is a terrible sleeper and for that one night I am jealous of his sleep.  he must hate me all other nights when I am sound a sleep before I sometimes get the words i love you out of my mouth. 

and so the time keeps ticking and I wonder should I turn on a Tivo show, try to read or continue,  stare at the computer screen, or crawl back into bed hoping to get heavy eye lids and drift off to sleep??

I hate sleepless nights, which always brings early early mornings. 


goodnight & sweetdreams



28 Sep


Well after a long {crazy} weekend and enjoying our family we are back to the weekday grind.  Thankfully we are heading towards a crazy month of awesomeness wrapped in a busy bow.  I have been exceeding great about not planning 4 years in advance, but sometimes plans just creep up on you and soon enough you have the whole month booked! {totallly not all of my fault–promise!}

Well October is it for us!  The summer months we just went where we pleased and really didn’t have much scheduled plans and September we were getting use to our new area and adjusting back to the East coast.  Well now we are adjusted we are in full force of plans.  So I will have a busy month of blogging!! YAY!!

First up…


yes it is our first celebration since our wedding that is about each other and I am going to make my newly husband feel special and not overshadowed by this huge/awesome/special day we had 4 months ago.  He keeps telling me that after the wedding the birthday doesn’t seem much to celebrate.  Seriously how can you top marrying the love of your life???

awwwww {tear tear}

but I am totally going to at least die trying to make it feel special and important and most importantly make him feel loved. 

what better place to go to then the state that we fell in love with, had amazing trips together, shared our engagement weekend…the romance just oozes out of the state for us.  YUP–VERMONT!! We love it more and more every time we go up there and this  year we are doing something completely different.  Vermont in the Fall and NOT in the town of Manchester.  Manchester, VT is so special to us and one day we would love to have a tiny cabin in the hills that we can take our kids to and capture the magic of Vermont any time we please.

I wanted to do something different and seperate from all the wedding moments that we have had in Vermont–and it be about him and his birthday celebation.  Lo and behold my best friend gave me the brilliant idea of Burlington Vermont!! Once I heard there were breweries, fabulous food, indoor rockclimbing, downtown area, beautiful trails, an amazing lake, Ben & Jerry’s on route, and tons of leaf peeping–I knew it would be perfect for us!   It is less than 4 hours away from us which we do to see family on weekends so it was completely doable for a weekend getaway.  We wanted to keep the costs down so when nature is at our finger tips we can really take advantage of the weekend and not make it break the bank. 



Can’t wait to give you great reviews of our weekend celebration!!

Happy Traveling!!



23 Sep

Crazy week in my work/life land!! Dealing with issues of no hot water and feeling schlumpy and crazy new school year schedule.  BUT I AM BACK!

I was actually busy having a life rather than writing about life…go figure! We had a great weekend filled with awesome food, movies and the purchase of a brand new iphone.  yup I am a lucky owner of an Iphone–and I am not looking back! LOVE.IT.

anywhoooo…so I randomly have tomorrow off because my boss feels so bad about my no hot water woes that he wanted me to enjoy an extended weekend and try to find myself a HOT SHOWER…somewhere….anywhere….

with my hubby not starting work until next week we both have this long weekend and we are looking at each other this afternoon like…oh my gosh! all the possibilities–whatever should we do with this new day off?? When will be a random thursday that we both have off and we could do absolutely anything we want?!  Carpe diem! Sieze the carpe!

So my husband being so brillant and all said–lets go hiking in the New Hampshire mountains!!! HOLLERRRR!!! ohhh that is why I have him around!

of course I have to one up him and say…lets go CAMPING in NH and then hike early tomorrow!! {squealing just thinking about it!}

so as we speak he is filling up the car {I hate getting gas}, picking up our nature snacks, packing up our tent and busting out all our hiking gear as I wait for my last meeting to arrive.  We are just going to jump in the car and head north while I sing songs to the top of my lungs {cuz I’m freeeeeeeee…..FREEEE FALLIN’!!!!}

In about 3 hours I will be looking at scenery like this….


take my breath away…


Although I am so excited about my spontaneous trip up North I will be without computer and phone on my awesome  BFF’s birthday!! So….




may you enjoy sunshine, cake and prancing on your birthday

Fun Find: Schtickers

18 Sep

Meet Schtickers.  I hear the word and I giggle. hehe.

So I am completely stuck on decorating our apartment.  If I can’t have a dog I can at least have the big clock right? So I was visting decorating sites when I came across these awesomely adorable blackboards and whiteboards.  I always thought it would be great to have one of these in my kitchen to write down the menu when I {if ever} have a dinner party.  I have seen the blackboard paint, which would be great but it also seems so permanent.  This way you get the black/white board without the commitment–perfection! OMG SO FUN!!  Oddly enough I have a white board in my kitchen but it isn’t oh so pretty like these–more like a school teacher whiteboard. 





Makes me want to cook a turkey right at this moment so I can write it on this blackboard–YAY!

Happy Decorating!!


E for Envy

17 Sep

So with a wonderful husband, family and friends plus both of us having jobs that support our travel, coffee, and lifestyle I should be virtually envy free.  Like most Americans there is always more on the to do list, more on the want list, and always the forever search for the  American Dream.

For the longest time I was the girl who wanted the boy. Got the boy.  For the longest time I was the girl who wanted the ring.  Got the ring.  For the longest time I was the girl who wanted to explore and visit new places.  Got the vacations. 

Now that I have achieved these momentous occasions in my life and truly feel like an adult living out my dreams I find myself is a place that is unlike any other I have known…contentment.  Content with the life that I lead and the journey that I am on with my husband.  I am looking forward to the future, but am so thankful to be content with the present. 

But I am human of course and it wouldn’t be life without a little envy {no matter how superficial it may seem} and so even with a beautiful life here are a few things that I envy.

First and foremost I am envious of every dog owner out there. I want a dog.  I need a dog.  I just gotta have a dog!  Unfortunately where I live does not allow me and my husband to become mom and dad to our own personal dog at the moment.  I for the moment give all my love to my family dog and to my BFF’s dog.  Nothing can replace your own and it is top on my envy list!


How can you resist a dog like this?!?

Also on the top of my list and decorating our apartment.  I just put up pictures of our wedding during my lunch break and it makes me want to decorate it to the max.   We left one our dear pictures back at our old apartment and so we need new and fresh on our walls. We got so many wonderful registry items and so we want for nothing to put into the house except for pictures, clocks and other decorating items. 


I would love this above our bed. {source}


I would love this in our kitchen.


I would love these for our living room {source}

I am truly envious of the individuals who are gifted in the creativity department.  I try so hard to find inspiration and make it my own but I alas I tend to fail in the amazingly creative department.  It is either from something I saw, read about, heard about and try to make it my own.  Yes, a bit creative making it my own but still the spark of original inspiration I do lack. 

For instance I would love to send someone a package that looks like this…



I am also envious of the people who have a starbucks right down the road from the.  I have one that is a bit out of the ways and it is really hard to get out of the parking lot.  I still have not been able to try out this season’s pumpkin spice latte.  It is just cruel and I am envious of all the people drinking one as they start their mornings. 


I envy the individuals who are calligraphers.  For one being able to do my own envelopes for the wedding would have been helpful, but on top of that I would never send another email again.  I would write letters in beautiful calligraphy and prance around and just doodle words all day long.   To me there is nothing more beautiful in having something personal written to you and in such a elegant and fancy way.  {sigh}


so pretty!

Envy I think is not always a bad thing as long as it doesn’t become the driving force in my life.  Although having these items would help me enjoy my life an smidge more–being happy with myself and the people around me is what truly matters.  I am happy with or without these items but surely they would only add to my contentment and delight 🙂


Happy Living!!