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California here we comeeeee….

27 Oct

this song has a lot of meaning to my life.

a) my first memories of my husband {boyfriend at the time} were many dates/hanging out watching the OC after he cooked me dinner

b) my CD i made for my husband {boyfriend at the time} when I moved 9 hours away for school for 2 years.  he listened to the song every time he came down to visit me. 

c) we “moved” to california this summer for a brief period and this song was blaring on our road trip across country

now I get to add another letter on this list….

d) one of my besties is getting married this weekend in her home state of California!  HORRAYYYY!


I am off to my little mini escape for an amazing weekend with amazing people in my life.  There are really no words for when a close friend gets married and you get to see them on the happiest day of their lives.  life is good.


Weekends of L-O-V-E…

26 Oct

I am in the middle of a wedding weekend sandwich and it just makes me feel so blessed to have so many lovely friends and family that are in love <3.  I feel love is all around us with people who are near and dear to our hearts that are getting married.   How can you even be a little depressed when so many people are saying I DO!!  It just makes me giggle thinking of all my lovely friends who have become wives in the past couple weeks and an upcoming wifey in the next few days…

It makes me want to kiss my husband a little longer, squeeze his hand when the bride comes down the aisle, rejoice in the memories of our wedding day, and most importantly be blessed for each other.  I am so thankful for our lives, for the people in our lives and for the amazing fall weekends we have been able to share together. 


Another reason why I have been surrounded by love on the weekends is because the love of a little girl.  My hubby and I have been able to spend quality time with our niece these past couple weekends.  She is a shy little one and has been distant for the past month that she has been living in Connecticut.  We were so beyond thrilled when she was moving closer so we could spend more time with her and share in her cute toddler moments.  A bit difficult when every time she looks at you she runs in the different direction.  My husband has been buying her love with candy (mostly M&Ms) and I have been buying her love with balloons, puzzles and her sit and spin toy.  This weekend she finally gave me hugs, kissy kisses, and played with me for a very long time.  I loved every moment of it! We are going to be best friends (she already loves the iphone!) and I am going to tell her all about makeup and boys and fun girly stuff like that. 


what is there NOT to love 🙂

My posts will be lacking for a few days because I am heading to California for one of my amazing girlfriend’s wedding this weekend!!! Next week I will have posts about all the lovely weddings that we have attended and all the fun details!!! YAY!!! 🙂


Happy & in LOVE


You don’t live in Napa…you take a NAP-A

21 Oct

yes quoting the one and only Carrie Bradshaw…

Well we almost lived minutes away from this beautiful place filled with grapes, vines and wonderful wines. Driving through the southern part of Napa when we reached California was a mix of emotions.  Emotions filled with oh my gosh we made it across the country, oh my gosh where do we even begin, oh my gosh we are in the middle of nowhere, oh my gosh I see vineyards, but where are all the people?!  Yes, the one and only Napa, CA.   Although it would have been a completely different year if we were still living over in Northern California I am grateful fora summer we will never forget and the journey back to the East Coast. 

Even though I am more of a city gal and would not have wanted to live in Napa…I surely would have LOVED to have my wedding in Napa! My husband and I talked about having a destination wedding and for a few months deeply considered having it in Napa, CA.  All of the pictures that I see from wedding in Napa, CA are amazingly breathtaking and beyond unbelievable.  seriously.

So even though I always say I would never change a think about my wonderful day…these pictures just make me sigh and makes me think of what could have been if we only kept in the direction of having our wedding in Napa.   These pictures were from a wedding photographer’s own wedding–Jessica Claire whose work is beautiful and really captures the love couple’s have for one another.  She has just started her recaps of the wedding on her personal blog and style me pretty has done an amazing job recapping her wedding as well. 

**all pictures done by the fabulous Jose Villa** 

Please enjoy all the eye candy there is to see…














I could go on and on and on and on…and well you get the point about these pictures!! All the trinkets and the piano outside?? the doorway in the middle of Napa?? Her hairpiece?? The key theme throughout??? wow. I loved every minute gazing over these wonderful wedding pictures all day long and I hope it does the same for you…


Happy Wedding Inspiration!!


Expanding my horizons…

19 Oct

Gosh…it has been awhile and I wanted to do a week of my recipes!! With bringing my lovely husband to the train station at 6:20am every morning and with him not feeling very good all week we kinda slacked on making awesome delicious meals!! We ended up eating the chicken lasagna for most of the week, a few soup days and finally last night I made baked ziti (post to come shortly!).  With no more train drop offs and my hubby feeling up to eating actual meals I will post the meals I make this week to make up for my poor performance last week!

Oh PS I tried to make blueberry muffins and I thought the packages said “just add water!” and so I was pumped to make them last night so we could have them for breakfast this week.  Well I ripped opened both packages and proceeded to reread the directions to only find out it says “just add milk!” and well we were short on supply of milk in the house.  SoooOO I used water instead and although they weren’t as great as they could of been and they didn’t nearly rise as they should (hence a bit denser of a muffin) they actually were edible and I sent my hubby on his last day of Boston with sorta/kinda breakfast.  {just give me a big FAIL in my baking category of wifey}

But really this has nothing to do with expanding my horizons. What does have something to do with expanding my horizons is clothing.  I am finding I am wearing the typical new england outfits for it being October.  I was doing really great with fresh and new/fun outfits when it was bright and cheery out! But alas, now that the gloomy days are upon us {although the sun is shining as we speak} I have reverted back to my dark pants with turtleneck/cardigan/sweater ensemble with my basic black flats.  I want so much more out of my wardrobe and so I have been looking for ways to jazz up my outfits…better shoes, better accessories, better scarves, better pants, better cute shirts perhaps…

these lovely tights give me inspiration for the shopping I would l-0-v-e do in order to spruce up my wardrobe….



Seriously this would cheer up any gloomy day I was having!!! Hope to add this to my shopping list for my winter sprucing shopping day 🙂

Happy Shopping!


Cupcake Anyone?

13 Oct

So I am a HUGE fan of Carrie Underwood and love her music to death.  But I just happened to come across this picture and within seconds I wanted a red velvet cupcake.  Then I looked at it closer and seriously the entire dress especially the corset then the tiered bottom looks like a CUPCAKE.  Am I the only one???



Makes me want to go to Magnolia Bakery in the city….

Fall Weddings

13 Oct

So when planning my wedding the Fall season never even crossed my mind to have my wedding.  My main focus when planning was on a winter wedding and a spring wedding. Mainly because my job is so completely insane during the Fall season and I wouldn’t be able to focus as much on my wedding as I wanted and it would have been hard to have a 2 week honeymoon.  It is sad because our dating anniversary is in October and this season always reminds me of our firsts.  Something that also drew me to spring was that my favorite colors are bright colors (especially pink) and so I was always attracted to the bright vibrant inspiration boards across the blogs and magazines, and although I had a spring wedding I am really looking forward to some pretty special Fall weddings this year and next year. 

Still slightly obsessed with wedding blogs it has been amazing to see what brides are doing with the Fall season.  The deep rich colors and the amazing favors, and special details make me want to do my wedding all over again! {okay maybe not..haha}  But remembering back to the feeling of anticipation and every moment of my wedding month feeling like it was either going in slow motion for me to soak in every detail or so completely fast I never knew what hit me by the end of the month.  The days before the guests started to arrive and all of the reminiscing my husband and I did about how far we have come and how completely amazing this one day will be for both of us and our families.  It was such a special part of my life that although I wouldn’t change a thing it still makes me a bit sad that I will never have that “wedding month” feeling back.  And for all my friends who are eagerly awaiting their big day this Fall season and upcoming seasons…soak it all up and at some point have the motto “it is what it is” because this is your time to be so deliriously happy and in the end the details are second best to how you will feel the days leading up to our day and the day itself.   Everyone just wants to be around you so they taste a little bit of this thing they call being overjoyed. 

So in honor of the Fall wedding season I have picked a few of my favorite inpsiration pictures…

One of my very very best friends is having her wedding the day before halloween and although there will be no ghosts and goblins there will be pumpkins {so fun!}.  I love these pumpkins below!



I have always loved the monocromatic look.  If it isn’t done well and not in the right location it can look pretty bland or out of place, but when it is done right….wow what an impact.  I have always loved this photo below and it would be amazing for a fall weddding




Some fo the fall bouquets are to die for and look very natural.  I always new that the peony was my true love in the flower category but I would have been honored to walk down the aisle with any of these bouquets below



Doesn’t this picture just scream…I LOVE FALL WEDDINGS!!!???? Really?? With the branches tied around the bouquets and the beautiful dresses. wow.



When making the decision on what colors and what season I was really loving the gray dresses and the deep purples.  I was torn with going with gray because it would look dull/lifeless.  I never really thought about putting both purple and gray together to liven up the place but if I did we might have had a completely different wedding in a completely different season.  This inpsiration board is truely amazing and it the color combination is nothing even remotely close to dull. 


Don’t you just want to be friends with these ladies {and then steal these dresses from their closets?}



So I hope everyone gets a chance to attend a Fall wedding this season because they are cozy, romantic, and refreshing after a long summer of sweat and heat.  I can’t wait to attend the weddings in the up coming weeks! Can’t wait to show pictures! HORRAAYYY!!

Chicken Lasagna

11 Oct

First on the weekly segment of recipes is my husband’s favorite! Today’s lovely dinner comes from my BFF old blog Kelly Takes on the Kitchen {fab delicious dinner options!}.  Life was getting too hectic for her to keep up on the blog, but she kept it up on the site so take a looksie at some of the meals she makes.  YUM-O!! A ton of the meals on the blog have become part of our normal routine.  My husband would LOVEEEE this one to be in the normal rotation but sometimes I don’t have the time to make this–but he keeps on poking for me to deliver this delicious meal.  Here is it is babe!! JUST FOR YOU!!! ❤

Just getting out of the stove…



Prep: 30-35 minutes (mostly because you need to cook chicken)

Bake: 45 minutes

::Items Needed (minus ingredients)::

9X13 pan or something similiar

Cooking Pan (for chicken)

Deep saucepan (gravy and chicken)

Tin Foil

Mixing Bowl



1/2 cup margarine

1/2 cup flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp basil

3 cups of chicken broth

1 egg

1/2 lb of cooked and drained lasagna noodles (9 noodles =3 layers)

1/ lb sliced mozzarella

1/4 cup grated parmasean cheese

2 1/2 cups diced cooked chicken

2 cups cottage cheese or rigotta cheese



Preheat your oven for 375 degrees.

Cook your chicken and your noodles  (seperately of course!)**or be lazy/genius and get pre-cooked lasagna noodles**

Melt margarine in a large saucepan. 

Blend in flour salt, and basil with the margarine

Stir in the chicken broth and cook until the mixture thickens (add more flour if not thickening)

Add the chicken to the gravy mixture

In a seperate bowl mix the cottage cheese (or rigotta cheese) with an egg and mix together

Place 1/3 of the chicken mixture in the 9X13 baking pan.  Now a row of noodles.  Next top it with half of the cottage cheese (or rigotta cheese) and half of the mozarella.  Then add another layer of noodles.  Top that with the rest of the cottage cheese and mozarella cheese, as well as another 1/3 of the chicken mixture.  Next another layer of noodles.  Then top it with the rest of the chicken mixture and the parmesan cheese.

Bake int he oven for 30 minutes covered with tin foil.  15 minutes uncovered.  ENJOY!


I didn’t measure the chicken.  I just use an entire package of boneless chicken (around 3 chicken breasts)

I don’t measure the salt, basil, or parmasean cheese–just go for it! Love basil? Pour it on! I love parmesean cheese so I just put it on the top until my heart was content (or my stomach content!).

Like in my BFF’s blog it calls for cottage cheese but I am with her–cottage cheese +lasgana = not normal.

First time I only had shredded mozarella cheese and I am really thrilled with trying it this time with the block mozarella cheese!

I used both times I have made this with 15oz rigotta cheese and each time I wish I bought a bigger size because I don’t get to coat the noodles as good as I would like.  Next time let’s hope I remember.  Plus I am not sure if I am stupid but it is hard for me to spread the rigotta cheese on the noodles!!

I was skeptical at first because it isn’t the “normal” lasagna but since my BFF and I have similiar taste and her blog has never let me down I quickly put my assumptions aside and tried it!! So glad that I did (and so is my husband!)

It is a great meal to eat while watching football and enjoying a sunday at home!

Bon Apetit!!