Weekends of L-O-V-E…

26 Oct

I am in the middle of a wedding weekend sandwich and it just makes me feel so blessed to have so many lovely friends and family that are in love <3.  I feel love is all around us with people who are near and dear to our hearts that are getting married.   How can you even be a little depressed when so many people are saying I DO!!  It just makes me giggle thinking of all my lovely friends who have become wives in the past couple weeks and an upcoming wifey in the next few days…

It makes me want to kiss my husband a little longer, squeeze his hand when the bride comes down the aisle, rejoice in the memories of our wedding day, and most importantly be blessed for each other.  I am so thankful for our lives, for the people in our lives and for the amazing fall weekends we have been able to share together. 


Another reason why I have been surrounded by love on the weekends is because the love of a little girl.  My hubby and I have been able to spend quality time with our niece these past couple weekends.  She is a shy little one and has been distant for the past month that she has been living in Connecticut.  We were so beyond thrilled when she was moving closer so we could spend more time with her and share in her cute toddler moments.  A bit difficult when every time she looks at you she runs in the different direction.  My husband has been buying her love with candy (mostly M&Ms) and I have been buying her love with balloons, puzzles and her sit and spin toy.  This weekend she finally gave me hugs, kissy kisses, and played with me for a very long time.  I loved every moment of it! We are going to be best friends (she already loves the iphone!) and I am going to tell her all about makeup and boys and fun girly stuff like that. 


what is there NOT to love 🙂

My posts will be lacking for a few days because I am heading to California for one of my amazing girlfriend’s wedding this weekend!!! Next week I will have posts about all the lovely weddings that we have attended and all the fun details!!! YAY!!! 🙂


Happy & in LOVE


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