Spice it UP!

19 Nov

Since I have a little latina in me I always like my food and life..SPICY!! It might make my eyes water but bring it on! Nope this post is NOT about food…go figure!

 When we were living in a small town for 3 years we had so many wishes to spice up our lives…we wish we had more resturants…we wish we were closer to stores…we wish we were near a city…we wish we were closer to a borders/barnes and noble so we can sip coffee and read…we wish we were had more to do..{well you get the picture}

Well for the first 3 months living in a brand new city our weekends have been fabulous and we have soaked up opportunies to enjoy being around way more of everything and not always have to travel to friends and family to get the excitement! .

..as for our weekdays they were still the same old even though we were surrounded by so much.  we were bland bland bland…

we would wake up, get ready, take something out for dinner, go to work, come home, eat, clean up, watch our must see tv of the day, catch up on email, go to bed

{rinse and repeat cycle}

I was totally bummed and wanted to do something MORE even though it is during the week and we need to conserve our energy for the weekend.  BUT the past two weeks we have been spicing up our lives!!! YAY!!!! slowly but surely…

for one we started going to the gym and getting moving!! We both have specific goals for the gym and we have kept each other accountable and just the other day my lovely husband stated that going to the gym less like a chore and more of something to do together.  I would have to agree! So if you have a partner get up and moving it is a great way to bring a little spice to your life. 

We also have been cooking more together and helping each other out which has been wonderful because it takes some of the burden off me, my husband gets to learn to cook more than mac’ n cheese, and we can have a little fun with it.  I can even bust out my awesome bridal shower apron to show off my cooking skills!! Cooking together is a great way to get a “chore” done a bit more on the spicy end 🙂

Another great way to change up the scenery of a work week is to do a bit of happy hour!! We have gone out with some co-workers for happy hour or dinner in the past couple weeks.  I love this time to relax, get out of the house, and really have some great laughs.  I am hoping to do a little happy hour’ing with my husband in the near future again.  Being spontaneous is half the battle!  Our favorite place is Boston Beerworks!  It is walking distance, has a great patio and amazing beer.  What more can you really ask for??

Another recent thing we did was–GAME NIGHT!!! Seriously why we don’t do this more often is beyond me??!! We love hanging out with others, we love games, and we love the company! We just recently had a game night where we played POP 5 and left, right, center and had a blast with these two games.  Watched a little Biggest Loser in the background and had an amazing time.  My husband and I left thinking this really needs to happen more because it energized us for the rest of week and gave us something fun to look  forward to that wasn’t on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 

Some items I would like to add is a hockey game right down the road from us this winter, a play/musical that is on campus, get a little volleyball action happen with the co-workers & Co.,  and utilize the $5.00 movie on a Tuesday night with the husband. 

These items have really helped us enjoy our week days a little more and not always so antsy to get to the weekend.  We really are trying to enjoy our time together and not always wish for the weekends to get here.  We of course love our weekends and we always are on board to watch our television shows but there is no reason we can’t SPICE IT UP once in awhile to keep the fun flowing! I am thankful that we are now in an environment where these items can happen because commutes are less nowadays, errands take less time because we are closer to stores, and more entertainment options are around.  It is fabulous!!

So if you think that your weekdays need a little spice I hope you can find something to add as a motivator during the week create some fun and excitement during a weekday.  Most of all try to be spontaneous, make plans before you go and sit on that couch, and keep an open mind when trying new things!

Happy Living!!

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