Last Wedding of the Year…

20 Nov

We have our last wedding of this year tonight and although our pockets will be thanking us we are sad that we will not have another wedding to reminisce about our own wedding, enjoy the company of friends and family, and of course get our groove on {well mostly me, but still!}.  At the moment it is dreary and raining but our weather man has given us hope that it will clear up by the afternoon and give the bride and groom a lovely {rain free} wedding. 

I heart wedding so much and now that I have been married I always am thinking about the bride and what she is thinking/feeling as the day progresses.  When you are a guest you may think of it as a great night out, reunion of sorts, or a place to get free food and booze.  For the bride and groom though it has been months or maybe years waiting for this one day to arrive.  The weeks leading up to the wedding are held with such anticipation/excitement/nervousness/last minute details/joy and the last 48 hours prior to getting married are filled with moments with close friends and family.  It is a once in a lifetime {hopefully} experience and when you wake up and realize it is your wedding day…there is no feeling like it. 

So when I woke up and poured myself a cup of coffee this morning to head to work my thoughts were on the bride and wondering if she has woken yet, wonder if she has started getting ready with her girls yet, I wonder if it has hit her yet that she will be a married woman by the end of the day. 

She is such an awesome and laid back person and all of her co-workers have joked about doing crazy antics during her ceremony/reception {none we would EVER do–right guys?!?!}.  One thing that she would have LOVED to happen because she is just that awesome is the youtube video wedding dance everyone has seen….

if you have not seen the video t it is a MUST SEE!!

happy wedding day to all the brides & grooms out there today….



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