100 words of thanks…

23 Nov

In a 100 words saying what I am most thankful for this past year could be a challenge since I am so thankful for so many things. Since this list could go on for miles giving myself a limit and playing along with the 100 word game is pretty ideal.   

I am most thankful for…my husband. Unconditional love.  Jobs that challenge and motivate us. Healthy family. Facebook. Having insurance and the realization of the need for everyone to have this right.  Texting. Joe Greene surviving and thriving.  My dreams and hopes. Setting goals. UCONN. Wine. Travel. My blog. Dinners with my sister. True Friends. Tivo.  The new relationship with my niece.  Books. My grandma’s recipies. Traditions. Charity. The speeches given at my wedding. Plentiful of heat, food, shelter and laughter. California. A supportive mommacita. Strong women in my family.  Motivation. Photographs. Surprises. The tribe. Coffee. Cards. A real best friend.   

It is a great feeling to have a difficult  time getting all of my thankfulness out in only 100 words.  It makes me realize just how thankful I am and how blessed I am for the life I am living.  I am one to always be thinking about the future and my future wants and needs.  It is great to be thinking of all of the things that I have rather than all of the things that I don’t have.  Sometimes I can forget that it isn’t about the food and more about the togetherness of family and friends.  I wish I could get everyone I love at one table for thanksgiving and raise a glass and cheer for friends and family!! 

and because a post is WAY better with a picture…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!



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