When we do more entertaining…

7 Dec

we are buying this.


It is on the pricer side and we don’t have much room to store this entire endeavor but truly would be the first thing on my list when I purchase a house.  Forget the washer and dryer.  All we need is one of these and we would be blissfully happy until the cows came home.  We played with a bunch of co-workers this weekend and I literally could not put down the drum sticks down (Iwas the drummer…who knew?!). I was addicted and I want to play MORE!  I dream about the color notes…I live for the color notes! HAHA! We played songs over and over until we were able to play them entirely through (we got booed off the stage a couple times…flo’ rida is hard to sing people! HAHA!).  It was one of those games you could play with adults, children, a mixture and could really get a party really going.  One minute we are twidling our thumbs trying to figure out what we want to do next and then BAM we are rocking out like true rockstars!  My husband and I both looked at each other and said WE NEED TO GET ONE OF THESE simultaneously.  

So if you have friends or family that do a lot of entertaining this should be first on their wish list because it truly is awesomeness in a box. 

Speaking of box I need to give a shout out to my band C.S.B. and I can’t wait for our next band practice (yup, we are going on a tour soon!)  🙂

Happy Playing!!!


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