10 Dec

It have been over 6 months and still these 4 words take my breath away. I have a husband.  I am part of a new family {officially}.  The surprises can come out of nowhere such as when I am telling a story and say my niece did xyz rather than awkwardly saying my boyfriend’s niece.  I have a niece. I have a sister in law, mother in law, and father in law.  My dreams are not consumed of the hope of being part of the family but rather what my future holds with my new formed family. 

A recent example of still finding surprises that I am a wife is making our ornament this year.  I was thinking about what type of ornament I should buy/make this year. The tradition started when we were just dating and I would buy a ornament for both of us to put on our tree.  Last year one of my staff members gave me the greatest gift ever-a homemade engagement ornament for our tree.  priceless.  As I was putting up our ornaments this year and put up our engagment ornament it took my breath away… “OMG we got married this year of course our ornament will be about our marriage!”. HAHA!  Like I said still shocking at times to me that I am a wifey.   I am very excited to have our first holiday season as husband and wife and soak in all the joy, love and surprises that comes with being newlyweds.         

  our engagement ornament


our wedding ornament (the back is my married name)

notice something in a bulb near our wedding ornament?–ME and my iphone! lol



Happy Holidays to all the newlyweds!!



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