New found loves

11 Dec

Yes I love my husband BUT can he make a picture magical? can he make secret snowflake UBER better? Can he make my heart go thump thump {okay the last one is true for my huband..hehe}.  Well these three sites are amazingly wonderful and have changed my life for the better and so I thought I would share them with my blog friends {after all it is the holidays!}.  It is only fair to share the love and give a present to my blog readers ❤

So it isn’t a recent love but something that always makes me smile every year around the holidays.  Every year I normally part take in a secret snowflake that uses this snazzy bedazzled FREE online service which takes secret snowflake to the next level.  Everyone meet ELFSTER.  Elfster is this snazzy little elf who makes your life SO much easier if you are setting up a secret snowflake or participating in a secret snowflake.  You are able to ask your secret snowflake anonymous questions, make a wish list so if the person doesn’t know you incredibly well they will after they see your wish list, ask the entire group a question to pass the time away during work {who me? nahhh }, gives you a reminder of when the exchange happens and who else is participating in the exchange, plus it picks everyone’s person so you save a tree cutting up all those pieces of tiny paper and writing everyone’s name on them and picking from a hat, bucket, or bowl.  Inevitably something always goes wrong and we have to have a re-do.  No need with the help with tiny little elfster. Contrary to the name {elfster}you can use this around the holidays or whenever.  The elfster can help all year round!


Need some inspiration and amazingly beautiful photos in your life? Imgfave is the answer.  Sometimes when I am having a hard day or need a bit of inspiration I just click on these photos and lifts my spirits and gives me energy.  At times I use these pictures in my blog and one of them is my desktop background so that I can truly escape. I seriously can never get enough of these pictures and one day when I am brave and have a better camera I am hoping I can pay it forward and put some inspirational pictures up on the site for others to view.   You do not have to register to view the pictures but if you are slightly braver then me I say go for it!   This again is a FREE site and really has helped me find happiness in a work day. I just typed in the website and this beauty popped up and so I thought I would share… 

picture found on imgfave

A more recent find is through my dear sister *k* I always see fun pictures she has with quotes on them and in different colors and although I know I will never be as cool as my younger sister I do aspire for some of her coolness to rub off on me.  I saw that is was called picnik and so I googled and VOILA’ the lost had been found!! I used this for the first time yesterday and I may turn into an addict.  I was wondering how the individuals on imgfave was able to be so creative with their pictures and I think I might have found the answer!! It once again is FREE and you upload pictures and then you can add borders to the pictures, text with fun writing on the pictures, different color font, different types of photos such as sepia, black and white, infared, and about 100 other types. It is life changing if you have a blog but it is so simple to use and learn I was able to jazz up my picture from yesterday’s post  in about 5 seconds {and that includes registering time as well!}. It is truly inspiring and although there are  better ways to edit and jazz up photos for professional photographers this will do it for your average blogger/creator/photo loving person.

photo edited by picnik


Happy Holidays!!



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