9th day of xmas my true love gave to me…

17 Dec

a trek across the street in the cold to deliver a griddle.  without complaint.

okay so I have a friend who came up with {at least in my world} the phrase “man work” and it makes me giggle all the time when I hear it or occasionally say this lovely phrase.  I never actually seriously mean it and there have been times when I have thrown out the trash, hammered a nail in the wall, and bought windshield whipers.  I am a woman who is independent and strong but doesn’t have any problem with being taken care of by her husband every now and then.  Yes I know I could do “man work” but I am thankfully that my husband does these jobs very graciously and with only minor heckling from him.    I know it probably is not always fair, but I always love it dearly when he smiles, pats my head and does what is needed to get the job done. 

Case in point: I forgot to give one of my staff members a griddle for a program the other day and we were at a friend’s house across the street playing games and having fun.  Well it was cold out and I was having fun and so I asked my dear husband to go back to the apartment, pick up the griddle and bring it to my staff member.  he graciously and lovely did this for me–without any begging.  It was so kind and I was so thankful for this small kind act and it just warms my heart thinking about this all over again.  He probably was cursing me all the way to and from the apartment, but he did it out of love and for that he has given me the best gift of all. 

He also doesn’t know this yet but when he gets home tonight he will be doing some “man work” to lug 2 air conditioners to the broiler room.  I thank you in advance dear husband for another act of  craptacular “man work.”  You get double the dessert tonight. xoxoxo


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