17 Dec

Normally I have a million blog posts running around in my head {I really need to get a journal to write down some of these ideas that pop in my brain at 2am}, but today my mind is blank.  completely blank.  I am not sure if it is because my body is so cold from the moment it woke up this morning that it hasn’t allowed my brain to warm up with ideas.  I am really not sure but I have tried to start this post numerous times and even looking at other blogs for inspiration.  But I got nothing.  No witty banter, no funny story, no opinion on something radom or crazy. 

So since I can’t keep you entertained with my blog today perhaps these  blogs will do a better job…

love style and funk stop by this great blog

want to look at some fabulous wedding photography?? go here!

want to get crafty?? stop by this awesome blog

need to hear an inspirational story from an inspirational women?? stop on by here to meet nie nie!

even a blank post is better with a picture…


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