On the 8th day of xmas my true love gave to me…

18 Dec

still loving me even though I have been resembling the grinch today.

you’re a mean one

mr. grinch

so I definately have been in a grinch-like mood for the past 24 hours.  I was flying high yesterday when around 7:30pm WHACK I had a terrible interaction with a staff member and there went my jolly mood.  It ruined my “way to go on my evaluation” celebration dinner last night that my lovely husband when out and bought, which in turn made me wake up grumpy {and freezing to top it off}, just when I thought things might turn around our second car needing to get towed, terrible end of the day meeting, plus my work husband was out sick.  I have been in a funk all night and day and I have oh so been trying to get back into the holiday spirit.  I feel stressed and anxious and overly annoyed and just funkalicious.  I am hoping that snuggling on my couch with my fuzzy warm blanket with a cup a tea and a christmas movie tonight and just pretend today never happened will make it all better.  like when you were young and played kickball and you missed the ball and had a “do-over”.  That is what I want.  a do-over for the day. 

Happy Friday!!

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