Favorite Christmas Song…

21 Dec

Okay so this is very very hard decision because I have a few that I put on repeat all the time.  There are even some that I listen to all year round.  There is one song that I forget about throughout the year until the christmas season and each and every year it moves me no materr where I hear it.  I always turn it up when I hear it in the car, stop and listen in any store {no matter how embarrassing it is for my hubby}, put on repeat on my ipod {now iphone}, blare in the office with my co-worker shaking his head.  I am addicted.   It brings up so many emotions and really makes me think of the true meaning of christmas and darn it is just a great song.  So although I can listen to All I Want for Christmas and Santa Baby all year round I see them more as romantic songs than christmas spirit songs.  I am picking Where are you Christmas by Faith Hill as my favorite christmas song because even if I am the grinch I can turn this song on and it puts me in the christmas spirit and I feel joy in my heart again.   And really shouldn’t your favorite christmas song do that for you??  

What is your favorite holiday song?


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