My 100th POST!!!

21 Dec

Gosh I feel like 50 posts was just the other day–but that happened back in September when life was crazy new with a new job, a new place to live and a new husband.  Now with 100 posts down I feel a bit more settled into my new life and a bit more wiser {50 post wiser!}. I am thankful for every person who has ever read my blog, subscribed to my blog, passed my blog along to others to join me in my quest to document all my crazy {yet wonderful} thoughts about life.  I wish oh so much that I had a giveaway for one of my lucky readers, but alas I show up to my 100th post empty handed.  {my goal is at 500 posts to have a giveaway so stick around!}

Since I don’t have a giveaway I don’t want you to leave this post thinking thats it??!!   No fireworks?? No trumpets?? No parade with marching bands?? Seriously??

So since I cannot provide you with a giveaway I thought that I would share some of my favorite freebies from other blogs.  All you need for most of these freebies is a bit of cardstock, a colored printer and you can have these freebies in the palm of your hand in seconds.  It is the least I can do for my fellow blog readers 🙂 With this economy who doesn’t love freebies??!!!


the cutest crushed lemonade notecards/recipe cards/floral gift tags/stickers/lined labels.  Best part is they are in my wedding colors. BAM!

haven’t sent out your holiday packages yet?? this amazing Holiday mail stripes gift tags.  It makes me want to halt my hubby from mailing out our presents today just so I could use these fancy gift tags. Voila’!

Giving candy or cookies as gift this year?? Check out this awesome candy/cookie gift wrapping template!

Giving a gift card this fabulous gift card holder will make your gift card the most personalized one they get all year!

La Dolce Vita! My uncle has a business and the motto of the company is La Dolce Vita.  These party cup covers would be PERFECT in his office and it would be great if you are hosting a party for coffee, hot cocoa or hot apple cider.  Yummy!!

Last night I hosted a party for 18 people and these awesome Shortcake Baskets would have been awesome to have our apple crisp ala mode in these babies! They are so festive, original and spice up any dessert!

Tired of spending a lot of money on patterened paper?? Here is a great pattern to liven up labels, use for scrapbooking paper, wrap a gift–possibilities are endless!

Need some amusement on your tree? This Santa Clause paper toy is so funny and fun! It is a spanish blog but the template is quick & easy!

Just want to give a little thanks this year with some awesome scripty font–then look no further!

Need a fun background for your computer or blog? This leaf pattern background in so many colors is so vibrant it can definately help out the winter blues.

Want to have a HOOT of a time?? Check out this owl ornament template–it will definately add a little spunk to your tree or a friend’s tree!

Owls not your thang?? Well then try these retro traditional ornaments–they will sure to be a winner in anyone’s stocking!

I know that I am a book lover and would love to print out one of these awesome bookmarks! Reading by a fire is one of my favorite things to do in the winter and this would only add to my delight!

I hope you found something on my ONE HUNDREDth post that will put a smile on your face {because it is awesome and because it is freeeee}. 

Happy 100 post birthday blog!


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