Has it already been christmas???

22 Dec

So with many holiday parties already occuring and family members shipping christmas presents early I feel that I have already have had a christmas!!! I am in full christmas spirit mode with waking up to christmas music and jamming all day long and bouncing in my office chair.  In an earlier post I talked about the million and one secret snowflakes/grab bags we were a apart of this year!! I thought I would share my secret snowflake/grab bag gifts!! They are small tokens but the people really thought about what they wanted to give me and sometimes the smaller gifts are much more work!  So thank you for the many who have given me such sweet tokens to get through the anticipation of the big day! I don’t care how old I get I will still be so antsy for christmas to get here the week before!!

Secret Snowflake Gift #1 {my awesome co-worker!)

C is for cookie and cookies are for meeee {no seriously it is my first name. haha}


Secret Snowflake Gift #2 {my awesome staff member}

{i love anything with antlers on it and now my moose willl have a playdate plus I love anything vanilla!!}


Holiday Gift #3 {another great staff member}

{are you kidding me??? an awesome bag with a zipper from India.  truly a one of a kind gift and so heartfelt! xoxoxo}

Holiday Gift #4 {ANOTHER holiday gift from a staff member}


{scarves from India…holy smokes! I must have been a very good girl this year!}

Secret Santa gift #6 {from a tribie member!!}

{who doesn’t LOVE cupcakes??? and a pink spatula??? I am going to be a baking queen this holiday season!!}

I have also opened up heart tights, gravy bowl and a chip and dip bowl from myself {well my lovely wedding guests who built up enough points for us to get these gifts!}.  My grams got me a pizza set which we are uber excited to use except the last time we tried calzones well lets just say each of us have 1 pound calzones!! HAHA!  I feel so blessed this year and with the economy I am thankful for each and every penny someone spent on me this holiday season.  Hope everyone enjoys a warm holiday season with their family and friends. 




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