On the 3rd day of xmas my true love gave to me…

23 Dec

a road trip at 9pm. on a weeknight. 

If anyone knows my lovely husband he is crashed on the couch by 8pm and normally out like a light by 9pm during the week.  We think it has something to do with the magic of the couch we have, but for whatever reason since we have moved he hasn’t been able to keep his eye open past 9pm {unless I tape his eyes open!} So when I told him we needed to go a roadtrip last night to help out my coworker and bring him to his hotel he agreed to keep me company.  Then I told him that the roadtrip was to Boston and he told me it was false advertisment. woops.  Thankfully because he loves me he pulled himself off the magic couch and put on some shoes and a winter coat and trugged through the 17 degree cold mess outside to keep me company on the way back from the hotel drop off.  As the car was thawing out so was my husband’s heart and by the time we were heading back home he was laughing and joking and we had a really great trip back home.  I told him I was grateful for him coming because one I had the company back from Boston and two we were able to talk and chat when he is normally out cold on the couch and it was a nice change.  Sometimes the most spontaneous events are the best events ever {which in this case totally true!}.  Plus as I told him…you can sleep when you are dead. xoxoxoxo


Who doesn’t love a good ole fashion roadtrip??!!


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