On the 2nd day of xmas my true love gave to me…

24 Dec

a “flippin” awesome gift!!

We haven’t started any real tradition with when the two of us to celebrate christmas, but in more recent years we have been giving our big gifts to each other prior to the family celebration and holding out for our stocking until christmas morning so we can have something to open up from each other.  It is difficult to get an entire day close to christmas to have our christmas because it is so hectic at our work we are either working on the weekend or exhausted from all the work we had been doing.  So we actually had our first married christmas yesterday{christmas eve eve}!!  We had a quiet moment with a glass of wine and shared our first christmas together…it was perfection. {I have pictures but I can’t find the cord to upload the pictures!!}. 

My husband in early December told me I was hard to get but if he only read my blog more frequently he would have found this post! HAHAHA.  But men {at least my husband} are not that smart–yet some how he nailed it!! I had been talking about CSI a ton, Friend collection set, a camera non-stop {but way out of our christmas budget}, jewerly, and whatever else popped up on the TV screen so really I had no clue what I was getting and what was in the big box.   I was secretly hoping for the flip and I had mentioned it but not more than these other gifts I mentioned and the last one I seriously mentioned was the Friends collection and the box did look big enough for that collection.  So I ripped open the wrapping paper and there was my own personal FLIP!! I jumped up I was so excited…first thing on my christmas list and he got it for meeeee {in white}!!! 🙂  

For all of you who do not know what this Flip thing is–it is an awesome device that takes high quality video.  You can edit the video on your computer and put clips together to make a movie and it is more high tech then the one I have been using on my iphone and camera.  It is very compact so you can take it anywhere and you can zoom in and out and most of all the sound and video quality is much better. Plus the reason why it is called “Flip” is that you just flip the USB right on the side so it is easy as 1,2,3 to upload your videos on your computer.  No searching for a wire {like in the case of my camera right now!}. I love taking pictures, but with our little niece around I absolutely LOVEEE taking video of her.   I use to love watching my home movies of myself {narcissistic perhaps..but totally fun!} and one day I would love to give my little niece a copy of her childhood through her auntie’s eyes.  Plus I can video fun events of my own, and some day documen our own children.  This gift was a token of all the future fun moments that my husband our our families would share together and I can’t wait to start documenting them. 

You will have to wait to hear what my husband’s big gift was for after the chritmas weekend {that will include those pictures that my camera has taken hostage}.  But I am just going to say…I AM A ROCKSTAR WIFE 🙂 

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!


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    […] enjoyed our {first} married couple christmas on christmas eve eve.  Now all of you know what I got THE FLIP  which now that I use it all.the.time. I am completely addicted and it was the best christmas […]

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