Best of {2009}

30 Dec

So everyone is doing best of {decades} and I truly would not be able to sumarize a whole decade of my life.  I mean that would mean going back to my senior year of high school and that just is frightening that is has only been 10 years since high school or the fact that it has been as long as 10 years since high school {i can’t decide}.  So I have decided to do a  best of {2009} before ringing in the new year… {these are just my opinions and have nothing to do with a poll or survey done by any means}

Best {Artist} of 2009….she maybe a little weird but her music always makes me feel alive and I never get tired of her music.  She is a talent and I can’t wait to hear what she has in store for 2010. 


Best {Song} of 2009…Boom Boom Pow! Seriously every time I hear this song it makes me run a little faster, shake my booty a little longer and puts me in the best spirit all. the. time.

Best {Day} of 2009…May, 30th 2009.  It actually might be the best day in the decade for me.  I got married and started my new life with my husband.  everything was so dreamy that day it was beautiful. 

Best {Book} of 2009…The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs.  I read a lot of books, but they are normally in the same genre–but this one caught my eye and I am so thankful that I picked it up.  This book moved me to tears and I was thinking of this book long after the book was done.  Nothing mindblowing just a simple story about a family held together by yarn. 


Best {Movie} of 2009…Taken. Seriously it is heart thumping the entire time.  Normally they are too drawn out and could have ended hours ago. nope this one left me wanting more and wanting to know more about the characters.  It was a great story line and Liam Neeson was brilliant in the film.

Best {iphone application}of 2009…Facebook. I am hooked to the my iphone and one of the reasons is Facebook.  It looks like the screen I see on my computer and it is easy to move around and keep in touch on the go.  I heart this application and the iphone is worth every penny just for this one application. 

Best {board game} played in 2009… Game of Things.  It truly is humor in a box.  Everything my co-workers and I get together we play this and every time we are laughing so hard we may pee our pants.  So easy to learn and so fun to play!

Best {TV Show} of 2009… Modern Family.  Cam is hilarious all on his own and Ed O’Niel {actor from married with children} plays an awesome part and it makes me laugh every time.  If you haven’t seen it here is a clip from this past year episodes.  We have TIVO but we always made sure we were home for this show because it was that good.


Best {Celebrity Break-Up} of 2009…. Yes I know everyone thinks Jon& Kate but to me they weren’t really celebrities.  For me my pick was Holly Madison & Hugh Hefner.  Seriously the playboy rockstar not only got dumped by Holly this year {which he actually looked torn up over} he also was dumped by Kendra and Bridget. Triple Whammy.  Ouch.  But Holly wanted babies and a ring and even though she was spoiled rotten and had more money than anyone being with Hugh Hefner she left it all to find love.  To me that is the best break up for the right reason…not money but love {with Chris Angel though??!!}. 

Best {Celebrity Hook Up} in 2009…George Clooney and who ever is his flavor of the year this time around is.  Seriously with his money, good looks, villas in Italy and of course that bad-ass attitude he gives off riding his bike who wouldn’t want him?  Everytime I see a picture of him he is on his bike with a new girl.  So anyone who is hooking up with George Clooney gets a way to go sista! in my book. 

Best {Wedding Blog} of 2009….To be fair I was pretty obsessed with my wedding for half of 2009 so most of my time was consumed with wedding blogs so I will have two categories for blogs {wedding and personal}.   To me style me pretty blog helped me from the very beginning.  Once you have your inspiration and color set sometimes you could be on overload with the images that blogs show but I never felt bombarded with looking at Style me Pretty every day.  It had a certain ease to the website and I always was thrilled to see what they would post each and every day.  Giving up this blog after my wedding was over was not easy and a bit heartbreaking because I loved it so much.  But life must go on but if you are planning a wedding this is a must see. 

Best {Personal Blog } of 2009… This blog is eclectic and has personal information, style, decor and just generally a good read.  I always stop at this blog and always find something new and exciting to look at–that has nothing to do with weddings.  It was of my “must clicks” on my google reader and with 100s to chose from on my google reader this is impressive.  The blog Yellow Brick Blog  is written out in California {which of course makes it even better!} but whereever you live I am sure you can get something out of this blog {if you are girly}

Best {New Recipe} I have made in 2009… Muffuletta Sandwich from all recipes.  This recipe is so easy even a caveman {of my lovely husband} can whip this up in no time flat.  It is hearty enough for dinner but can be for lunch as well.  I haven’t blogged about this recipe but seriously it is a delicious and we have had it twice already and it was a recent find!

Best {Decision} we made in 2009… To move back to the northeast and put our dreams of California on hold with the economy in shambles.  It was a really tough decision with tears and laughter along the way but looking back on the year it was the best decision for our family at the time.  Home is where the heart is. 

Best {News} we heard in 2009… engagements and baby announcements galore but the best news of them all was that our sweet little niece would be living closer to us and we would be able to share more memories with her now that we are close. 


Best {Decision} the world made in 2009… Obama for President.  Change and Hope is what the entire world needed and that is what President Obama is here to do.  Everyone has their own decisions about if this was the best or worst decision for me and my personal beliefs it was the best of the best.

Best {Fashion Come-back} of 2009… leggings!! who knew something that I pulled out my aunt’s closet back when I was 9 would be popular again almost 20 years later.  They are comfortable and make any dress go from summer to winter in a flash.  It is a brilliant come back and I hope it is here to stay. 

Best {Purchase} I made in 2009…now we could argue that our wedding was the best “purchase” but honestly I like to see it has a special day rather than a “purchase.”  Nail polish set for my niece that was a simple $3.99.  Seriously when she sees me and wants to put nail polish on at 9 in the morning it just makes my heart melt.  Second best is when she wears the adorable tutu we bought her.  Seeing her so happy and playing dress up with me is fabulous and I love every girly minute I share with her. 

Best {Gift} that was given to me in 2009…gosh this one is a hard one and there are a few top ones but I would have to say my kitchen aid mixer.  Since then I have been cooking and baking quite a bit more and really find enjoyment when I use it.  It is a sturdy piece of equipment that I will cherish for years to come and when I have a house it will go right on my kitchen counter with pink pride.

Best {Reality TV Show} of 2009…The Amazing Race. This show is heart pounding yet exhilirating, but to top if off both my lovely husband and I pick who will be the winners after we watch the first episode.  The first year we did this I WON–it was awesome!! This year both of our winning teams were out of it so we were both rooting for the same team at the end but they landed in 3rd place.  It is a great show for both my husband and I to watch and really enjoy and it is a great way to end the weekend {show airs on Sunday nights}.

It has been a great year of very high highs and some infrequent low lows, but I am ready for a new year and a brand new decade.  Always with a new year comes excitement and anticipation {and of course fireworks!}.  The new year also makes me a bit anxious because it is a time to look ahead at future plans and dreams, but also a time to look at the past and reflect on what has already occurred.  For me, new years doesn’t only represent the future it also represents another year older and hopefully another year wiser. Yup folks New Year Day is my birthday!!!  So as everyone brings in the new year I will be celebrating with adding one more candle on the celebration cake. 

Goodbye 2009…Hello 2010!!!


3 Responses to “Best of {2009}”

  1. Lyndsy January 4, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    Wow! Thank you so much for the sweet words! I am loving all your selecctions and feel honored to be included in your list! Congrats on your beautiful wedding and happy 2010!


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