Taking the Plunge: Week 1

4 Jan

In my previous post I discussed going on the South Beach Diet today and I am in high hopes that this is a start of a great new direction for me.  I am armed with my eggs, salads, water, and lots of chicken and turkey {and of course motivation too!}.    Now I don’t want this new diet to consume me, my thoughts and my blog so I have decided to post my results {the good, bad, and yes the ugly} once a month.  This will include some of the meals that I have prepared over the month that have helped  me, what has hurt me, and anything fun that I have learned along the way.  For some of you who are just trying to lose the holiday pounds this may just be the motivation you need to strip away the carbs for 2 weeks and feel better about yourself.  For others, like myself, it is a more hefty number that you are trying to shed off your body and the 2 weeks will jumpstart you on a path to lose X amount of pounds.  This blog will help me keep myself accountable and perhaps be a bit more motivation because I know  30 days from now I will be back on the scale to post my results. 

 {the good}

I have been feeling great today on the first day and was able to have eggs for breakfast, stayed away from my lovely husband’s coffee he made for me, had bottled water with a crystal light package and a grilled chicken salad for lunch.  I already have my chicken marinating for dinner and I am ready to be motivated to go to the gym with my lovely husband that I will drag with me.  Even though I didn’t go grocery shopping yet I didn’t allow myself to put it off for one more day, which made me very proud! 

{the bad}

Being a couple can sometimes making dieting hard especially when the person you are with wants to gain weight.  Cooking him up carbs for his side might became difficult as I will want to lick the spoon or just have just one tiny bite.  My husband is great at adapting to what I need to be eating for my diet but he also needs to be careful that he isn’t dieting with me because the last thing he wants is to lose weight.  

{the ugly}

Thinking about where I was 7 months ago and how good I felt on my wedding day is truly difficult becasue of how much I just “let myself go” but also motivating because I did it once I can do it again.  It is the ugly truth that I have to work on being slim because my body just loves to store extra fat like a chipmunk I tell you!! I know that I am not the only one with weight issues out there {hello it is a billzillon dollar industry}, but seriously sometimes the struggle can feel very lonely.   

Today’s Weight: 191.8 lbs
Month Goal: 8lbs
Ultimate Goal Weight by May 30th:150lbs
{week 1 dreaded scale shot}

2 Responses to “Taking the Plunge: Week 1”

  1. Lisa January 5, 2010 at 6:41 pm #

    Good luck, Cari!!! I know how scary it is to put information like your weight out there for the world to see, but I really do think it makes us all more accountable! I need to get back on the weight-loss train as well – I’m not good at working out in the winter. I know I will warm up if I get moving, but I’m too cold to move (does that make sense?)
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see how the South Beach Diet goes for you and what your thoughts are about it – I too am a carb-lover, so I can’t imagine doing it, but maybe it’s worth a try!
    Good luck!

  2. love1025 January 6, 2010 at 12:39 am #

    Thank you so much for your lovely words! just what I needed as I saw my husband put another handful of good and fruities in his mouth!! Working out is really really hard and even harder in the winter. I have a gym about 20 steps from my apartment so really there is no excuse but I find I work out less in the winter which is odd because I would think this would be the time I would want to get ready for bathing suit season! go figure!! Keep you posted on the South Beach for sure! 🙂

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