Restless Night

6 Jan

a restless night brings on restless thoughts. 

Normally I lay my head on my pillow and WHAM morning comes {with some crazy dreaming in the middle}.  My husband hates me for it because it normally takes him at least an hour if not more and I just chuckled and think…thank goodness I am a good sleeper.  Until the night comes where I toss and turn and toss some more and look over and see him sleeping peacefully and then toss some more.  It is annoying and when this girl needs 10 hours of sleep it is a race against the clock.  Normally I am restless because I have a big thing at work due, money related stress, all fired up from monday night football and I can think of a black wall and then go to my happy place and all is better with the world and I fall asleep.  Yep no sheep for me just picturing a black wall does the picture.  no lie.  Normally I wake up completely tired and annoyed I couldn’t get to sleep, but I shake it off because afterall I did get some good thinking done while awake.

not last night. nope.

seriously the stupidest things kept me awake last night and I was seriously mad at myself as the hours kept ticking away! Things like oh when I lose weight what will my blog post title will be {told you dumb}, should I have pork or steak for dinner tomorrow {pork was the decision}, will there be traffic tomorrow to the airport {nope!}, why do I have to wake up so early when I can’t seem to get to sleep {because I care about my co-worker}, how will I be able double side our training schedule with the printer {3 hours later figured it out}, and the list goes on and on about dumb thoughts.  Nothing I thought about was of any urgency at 11:30pm, 12:00am, 12:30am or 1:00am for that matter.  

so moral of the story?

don’t mess with karma. don’t chuckle at my husband for having a hard time getting to sleep because really what comes around goes around. don’t laugh at the fact that he needs to sleep in a caccoon and have the sheets snug in a bug. sleep please come back tonight because I missed you. thank you.



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