Invention of 2008

7 Jan

I was watching Oprah {of course!} back in 2008  and a product was shown on it that was named invention of the year {at least Time magazine thinks so} and this invention has kinda stuck in my head ever since then.  I recently had been thinking of it more because of future plans of having kids and what this invention could potencially let my husband and I know about our past family and health history. 

What is this snazzy invention that has captivated me for 3 years?

it is called 23andme and it is a personal genetics test that is a home kit and although these testings can cost in the thousands of dollars two women made it kinda affordable.  The entire package kit which includes family tree and health testing is $499.00 {why I said kinda}.  Not thousands of dollars but still an investment. 

I would really love to do this before we have children and it is pretty simple.  You go to the website and sign up for the package you want and then in the mail you recieve the above package.  You spit into the tube and send it back and within 6-8 weeks you have an account online and are able to start viewing your results and traits.  Now I know people have strong feelings about knowing the future and how you are tempting fate but I have thought really long about this test {a whole 3 years} and it isn’t a test to find out the sex of the baby or if I am going to have 2 or 3 kids.  I don’t see this as a crystal ball and what it says will change my decision about  having babies or plans for our future.  I see this test as a way to prevent or lower my risk of any health issues and find out more about my family traits.  I think it would be pretty cool to map out my heritage and explore the world of my earlier ancestry and I think it is important if I am at risk for any diseases, see if I am a carrier of any inheiritable diseases and to also see how I will respond to drug medication.  At my job we are always talking about prevention and how easier it is to help at the front end rather than the back end.  I think this can be said about this test and using this tool as a prevention method.   

Did I convince you?? Yes?? This was my practice run because now I have to convince  my husband of this invention { perhaps my opening statement should be: hey babe Time magazine thought it was important for it to be #1 in 2008 shouldn’t we take them seriously}. wish me luck.


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