In One Day…

13 Jan

In one day you can learn a ton.  You can learn how to walk, how to talk, how to say i love you, how to multiple, how to let go of someone you love, how to hate and even how to fall in love.  Every day I really try to learn something new and when I do I can probably can been seen saying “you learn something new everyday!” My poor husband just shakes his head because he normally is around when I learn about this something new and probably is tired of hearing this saying.  I love that I learn something new everyday because really some moments in the day I can feel out right dumb. stick my foot in my mouth dumb. talk to much dumb. need to listen  more dumb.  lock myself with the car running dumb. need all my fingers and toes dumb.  So if I can learn one thing every day perhaps this would counteract my dumb moments. 

Here are some things I learned in just 1 day…

-Shaving your legs makes you have to rinse your hair in cold water in my household. hmmm.

-I can cook eggs, put a braid in my hair, back my purse for the day and find a shirt all at the same time if I try really hard and if I am really late.

-I can say good morning to my co-worker husband without ever saying a word now.

-That my BFF had a blog for ummm 7 MONTHS and I had no clue. Say what??

-That pirahnnas are far more scarier in 3D. Perhaps scarier than the movie Jaws.

-That publisher still hates me and even if I kick the computer it will not open a file.

-That this year will be the first year my husband and I have the MLK Day off. together.

The best thing I learned today is to know my stress and anxiety limits {before a nervous breakdown of course} and let everything go that is humanly possible. Don’t fight it. Know when to take a break.  Instead of letting the stress of my work get to my night I put it all down, grabbed my husband and had a date night. wow this took a long time to learn this lesson,..but so glad I did today.


What did you learn today?


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