Cosmetic Product Review

2 Feb

Youngblood Make-Up Products

{Youngblood Ultimate Concealer-Fair}

First off I do not get any endorsements by this company and this is just all through experience of using their products and comparing it to many other products that I have used.  I ran out of the concealer this morning and realized how valuable this product is to me and so I thought I would spread the word.  I use Youngblood face products with their brushes {i.e. concealer, powder, blush, and sometimes their eyeshadows}.  I have used Neutrogena, Bare Minerals, Covergirl products in the past, but I find that Youngblood coverage is amazing, their flexibility, their longevity is among the best-plus their prices are not over the top.  Many people either love the pressed minerals, loose powder, or liquid mineral and with this product you can have all three!!  I can be a product junky and really use all different types of products and never really use a brand exclusively, but I have found a great make-up line and I haven’t used a different product in about 3 years. 

I first purchased the products at my hair salon after getting tired of the products that I was using and the specialist keeps track of the purchases that I make throughout the years.  The concealer has lasted me over a year {approximately 18 months}, and the powder lasts me exactly a year each time.  I was using the pressed blush, but I felt I was using it far too quickly and so now I use loose blush and that has lasted me 8 months so far and I have plenty still in the jar. 

I especially love the concealer {$27.00 dollars} because not only does it cover very well any blemishes that you have on your face it also helps get rid of blemishes.  My skin is more even-toned, and smooth and I think it is a combination of Origins pre-makeup regimen that I have, but also the make-up that I use.  The ingredients in the product are very healthy for your face and I never feel that my make-up is caked on.  I use the concealer for any under eye fixes, redness in my skin in the winter, and any other reasons I may need to cover up a little more.  I don’t have to use the concealer every single day because the powder foundation has great coverage and for everyday use is fantastic.  I wear a little bit of make-up each and every day so I find it important to find products that are healthy for my face since I use them everyday.   

I find the product closest to the Bare Mineral products {since I use the loose powder}, but the brushes aren’t as harsh to the face and the coverage is more {a little goes a long way} and it helps heal my face when I put it on rather than just masking a problem.  SO if you have been a little iffy about your make-up and looking for a new brand I say try it out.  You can find a store/spa that sells it through this website.

Happy Hunting!!



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