Random Act of Kindness

3 Feb

I love surprises and really any random act of kindness that occurs in the world.  With all of the hate, annoyances, grumpy, awful, miserable, grief that people can endure on a day to day basis it is great to get those little suprises or even better a random act of kindness.  It is every BETTER when this random act of kindness is from a stranger or anonymous.  It really pulls at my heart strings and makes my day and if it is really good…my week!

Well this week I was the subject of a random act of kindness from an anonymous person.  I have tried to figure out who thought of  me and gave me such a sweet, thoughtful gift.  But still have really no clue except that I believe it to be one of my staff members or my co-worker.  After being out for almost a week and dealing with a death in the family I was back to work on Monday morning.  It was difficult to get back into the swing of work  because really only last week was the first week the students were back so I was thrown back into a tizzy of paperwork, questions, problems, and emails.  

I plopped my items down started to drink my coffee and then all of a sudden noticed this beauty on my desk…


It meant so much to me that someone was thinking of me and how Monday morning might have been difficult.  The flower is still sitting on my desk and it reminds me of the kindess of a person can really make or break a day.  Somehow the day/week has been a little easier looking at this flower.  Plus it got a good laugh out of me because it was in a poland spring bottle with some pink magic dust in the water.  Oh someone knows me well. 

So if you have a moment take the time to do a random act of kindness this month and perhaps make someone’s day/week/month or even YEAR!!!

Thank you anonymous flower giver!


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