Taking the Plunge: Week 6

8 Feb

Well last Friday {Feb. 5th} it was 1 month on the diet! I am glad that I have had the support of my great husband who thinks I am beautiful at any size and this blog for helping keep me accountable.  I figured I would do some month reflections rather than the good, bad and ugly segment this week.  I am going to continue the hunt for my goal weight and continue with the healthy lifestyle.  Bring on SUMMER!

::Month Reflections::

Things I want to start doing again…

-My water intake has slowed down as well.  I have been bringing my camelbak water container with me to work and other places, but forgetting to drink it! I need to get back on that so that I can flush out the fat.

-I was getting tired of eating nuts for my snacks so I started to eat raisins and crasins as snacks. I think this was a mistake because the sugar in these made me just want more.  The nuts I could eat less of a quantity and still feel “full” from my snack. Back to nuts this week.

-I stopped making eggs for myself last week in the morning for breakfast.  I was pretty lazy and rather sleep those extra few minutes than scramble a couple eggs.  I think this has also decreased my weight loss because the fat content in the eggs helps your body start to work quicker.  I have been eating nuts in the morning but I think I need to go back to something with my substance-eggs. 

Things I have done well…

-It became easier to not have carbs on the side of my meal {especially my dinner meal} by week 2 which was great since that is when I ate them in large quantities

-I gave up alcohol until the very end and I never stopped missing my glass of wine at night with my husband.  Something I would like to slowly bring back.

-One of the reasons that I am happy is my fitness has increased tremendously over the past month.  This Sunday I ran 3 miles without stopping at 12 minute miles.  It isn’t my ultimate goal but it was a great start.  -I do feel more in control with my body and eating habits and even though I don’t always make the best choice I do think about the consequences of me consuming it. On average I am making better choices for meals. Salads vs. french fries. Corn vs. mashed potatoes. Baked vs. fried. Crasins/Nuts vs. chips.

Things I want to start doing…

-My body seems to have lost inches so I kinda wish I took measurements on Jan 5th rather than just focusing on the scale {note to self}.  I will be taking measurements later today and checking them out again in a month.  I am hoping my weight loss is just a couple steps behind all this cardio I have been doing. 

Overall Thoughts…

-The beginning was a great motivator because I dropped the weight quick and saw results fast.  It made me want to keep pushing through even though it was hard.

-Weekends became hard for me around week 3 and I wasn’t making the best choices for myself.  This weekend especially…a burger and fries AND fried dough in one weekend?? What was I thinking?!

-There are times when I have to say no, or pass on a second helping, or talk myself out of eating something bad for me.  I just have to remember my goal and my anniversary vacation and hopefully this will keep me more focused.  Plus I just started taking 100 calorie almond packages with me so that if I get a craving for something bad I can eat those instead. Hope this helps!

-I feel better, my pants feel better, and I have more confidence.  Even if the scale doesn’t show these things I am really happy at the moment with my progress.

Beginning Weight: 191.8lbs

{End of} Week 1 Weight: 185.2lbs {6.6lb weight loss!}

{End of} Week 2 Weight: 184{1.2 weight loss!}-did not meet 5 lb weight loss

{End of} Week 3 Weight: 181.0 {3.0 weight loss!!}-went over my 1lb weight loss

{End of} Week 4 Weight: 182.4 {1.4 lb gain!}

{End of} Week 5 Weight: 182.8{.4 lb gain-blame it on the superbowl. haha!}

Week 6 Goal: 2.8 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 9.0lbs

Ultimate Goal on May, 30, 2010: 150lbs

Here is the proof…

{yes I know I need a pedicure but I am waiting for girls weekend at the end of the month–don’t be a hater}


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