Date Night

9 Feb

The husband and I don’t have extravagant plans for Valentines Day.  The past couple years we have gone BIG with the valentines plans, but this year we are going to keep it low key and do a classic dinner & a movie.  We have a long weekend during valentine’s weekend and some plans with friends and family so we figured we would just enjoy the company of others for this weekend.  However, my husband did mention doing a dinner & spa package at a fancy place near our home–which would be UBER fantastic.  This of course had me scouring my blogs for any date night fashion help and low and behold one of my blogs had just what I needed! Shout out to oh my deer  blog!  I fell in love with THIS tunic from Miss Selfridge on the blog and looked further into the designer and they had a couple other fabulous options for my date night! I was so excited yet a little nervous because it is a UK brand and I have never bought anything over international waters.  Here are my top 4 picks for my date night and the great part is they are all under 100 US dollars!  I still haven’t decided which one but a bit giddy to think of a possible awesome date with my husband!   


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