11 Feb

wow. Iam speechless.

no really. I am.

this must be how people feel at an award show and realize that their “work”  has been noticed and liked. 

okay my speech is back. maybe.

I was doing my usual reading of daily blogs and stumbled upon an AMAZING thing.  breathtaking actually.  I am sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself with a headache and thinking I am getting sicker by the minute and I find out I won a beautiful blogger award because I have amazing writing. {gasp!}

wow. I am speechless again in actually typing the words.

Amber from Amber’s Notebook blog read my recent post about style for her giveaway and commented on my post earlier in the week and said she really enjoyed my writing and was reading more of my blog.  I was just so honored for someone who isn’t my best friend, a familymember, or lovely husband to be reading my blog. Even if I had one reader I would be okay because this blog is a way to have a voice out there in this big bad world and for me to have a memento of a part of my life.  I have found my voice and love blogging and for my “work” to get noticed and liked makes me shout with gleeeee!  

I cannot express the gratitude for noticing my blog Amber and motivating me to make the most of my blog and reach for the stars {more readers, giveaways and endless topics!}.  For anyone out there who is starting a blog or needs a pick me up in writing your blog is noticed out in cyber space and keep up the great work!!

I want to pay it forward and pass on the beautiful blogger award to…

Penny from Pantomine Papers blog.  Her blog mixes up posts on recipes, her business, workouts, her life living in Chicago and she does it in such a fun and lively way if she lived a bit closer I bet we would be friends. LOVE IT!



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