“Best Of” Fab Food List…

12 Feb

Don’t read this post if you are hungry!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

So I found this blog post and thought it was an interesting concept of doing the “best of” for different foods.  Apparently the awesome blogger got the idea from watching The Best Food I Ever Ate from the Food Network.  Now I haven’t watched this show before, but time to TIVO it and see what it is all about!  We love food and watching food shows {our favorite being Food vs. Man}.  We really love to eat {hence forth with the diet} and trying new places–but at times we do tend to go back to our favorites.  Some of my favorite meals have been a one time deal and I can’t for the life of me figure out what the name of what the resturants are so this list below may be a little skewed–just by my apparent memory loss!! {which has been killing me during this entire post!}

For instance–

     -My good friend Tbear and I ate at this hole in the wall italian resturant when she first moved to New York City and it was close to Magnolia Bakery and the wife of the owner was so amazing.  The italian food was to die for, the wine went down really easy and the atmosphere let us linger for hours as we chatted away.

     -My other good friend Sbear took us to a genuine California Mexican resturant and I can’t figure out what the name of it is but seriously the Mexican was to.die.for. We weren’t in California for long but I believe I ate there twice…maybe three times.  Everything was so cheesy and delicious!  {if I was patient enough I could email her and get a response so I am posting on the interwebs for her to respond..haha}

   -We went out with a couple in North End Boston for some great Italian once again {i heart Italian food although I picked the Olive Garden as my favorite–oops!}. This food was melt in your mouth good and the atmosphere was just as fabulous.  We had to wait a bit so we just went next door and had a drink while we wait.  We love Boston and their food!

   -On our roadtrip we stopped in Kansas and had some BBQ {well the boys did, I had chicken}. And the boys talked about it the whole way in driving to California so I am guessing it would win out over the BBQ that I had picked, but once again I have no clue what the name of it was. 

  -On a girls weekend with KBear and LBear we ate our desserts from a supermarket down from the Empire State Building. Um yea totally amazing {especially watching sex& the city} but would I have any clue what that supermarket was called with the delicious array of desserts? nope. 

  -There are endless places that my husband and I have tried and we were left feeling amazed by the food, but as the years pass the food memories stay with me, but of course not the names.  Like this Shrimp Fra Diavlo that I absolutely love, but can’t remember where I had it…dang it!

So I think I need to start jotting down more my favorites as I eat my way through life and try new resturants and meals that I experience so I can do a better job with this list. Without further ado here is my list of the The Best Foods I Have Ever Eaten…..ENJOY! 

Dessert-Make Your Own Delicious Frozen Yogurt  at Frozos and the #2 thing I miss about California. worth driving across country again for it! (Santa Clara, CA)
Wake Up Call – Ham & Cheese Omlette from Cor’s Resturant (Danbury, CT)
Pizza –  Any pizza from John’s Pizza (Danbury, CT)
With My Hands – Beef Nachos from EightyAtes (Dudley, MA)
Between Bread – Roast Beef Sandwich at the Full Belly Deli  (Danbury, CT)
Meat Fest – Make Your Own Burger at The Counter (Chain)

Obsessions – Broccoli & Cheese Bread Bowl at Panera (Chain Resturant!)
Snack Attack – Canoli from Caffe Paradiso (North End, Boston & Lowell, MA) **next to Mike’s Pastry which always has lines. Just as good without the wait!**
Chocolate –  anything chocolate from Ayza Wine & Bar (NYC) 

Sugar Rush – Red Velvet Cake at California Pizza (Chain Resturant!)
Totally Fried – Chicken Parme-Zone from DP Dough (Chain-Storrs, CT)
Hometown Favorites – Texas Hot Weiners from JK’s (only hot dogs I eat!) (Danbury, CT)
Bar B Que – I do not love BBQ but I hear Pulled Pork Sandwich at the Village Smokehouse is fantastic! (Lowell, MA)
Cheesy – Cheese Fondue  from Melting Pot (Chain–I go to Framingham, MA)

Some extras that aren’t real episodes but are worth mentioning:

Potatoes: Hashbrowns from any Denny’s Resturant-delicious! (Chain)
Cocktail – Peach Sangria from Aqua Resturant-Closed! (Manchester, CT)
Sushi – Spicy Tuna Rolls from Ta-Ke Sushi  (Rohernert Park, CA)
Hot Dog – Texas Hot Weiners from JK’s  (Danbury, CT)                                                                                 

Beer- Boston Common from Boston Brewery (Chain-go to Lowell, MA)
Seafood-  Lobster Ravioli’s from Jim Barbaries Resturant (Danbury, CT) 
Milkshake- Vanilla Milkshake from McDonalds (no lie the best! haha!) (Chain!)  
Steak- Filet Mignon at Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse (Chain-Manchester, CT)

UPDATE: because I forgot my grad school roots we will be adding on…

Cheap & Great Pizza: Pepperoni pizza at Bob’s Pizza (um $5 dollars for a million pieces!) (Indiana, PA)

Get you through any hard day: Buffalo Chicken Salad from Murphy’s II (Indiana, PA)-can i just say it has french fries on it..BOMB!

Salad Bar & great convos: Salad Bar at Hoss’s (Indiana, PA)

Gas Station Food: made to order anything at Sheetz (Chain-only in certain areas!)

Sandwich that could be 3 meals: Italian sub at 9th street deli (Indiana, PA)

Let me know some of your favorites! Happy Friday!


4 Responses to ““Best Of” Fab Food List…”

  1. Sara February 12, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

    The name of the Mexican restaurant is Mexico Lindo. We loooove that place and cant wait for you and Steve to visit again, so we can all go together. Followed by Frozos of course.

    Um, have you totally forgotten about the great cuisine from Indiana, PA? That could be a post in itself. Bobs pizza, Sheetz, 9th Street Deli, buffalo chicken salads at Murphy’s, Hoss’s…the list could go on.

  2. love1025 February 12, 2010 at 4:35 pm #

    can’t believe I forgot good ole’ Indiana, PA!! Updated post 🙂

    Ohhh Mexico Lindo…couldn’t remember for the life of me!! Knew you would come through! HAHA!

  3. theclambroll February 12, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

    The grocery store in NYC was Gristedes!! Those cakes were REEEEDICULOUS!!!

  4. love1025 February 12, 2010 at 5:55 pm #

    hahahaha so glad someone remembered!! HAHA!

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