17 Feb

Gosh I have so much to share with you from over the weekend including shopping finds, my thoughts on the olympics, where we decided to vacation this year, and some funny video {stay tuned!} BUT unfortunately the ending of my fabulous 4 days off wasn’t well…fabulous.   I was in an car accident last night trying to get home from NJ and now I am all sore, achey, tired, etc and my mental capacity to blog has been bruised.  {I am okay, the car actually is okay and my poor husband who was frantic last night worrying is okay}.

Plus in all the hustle and bustle I actually forgot today was Ash Wednesday {I am a bad Catholic} and so I really haven’t put much thought into what I am going to be “giving up.” Every year I have been pretty good at giving up something and although I am not about depriving myself by any means every time I want the thing I give up it actually does make me think of my religion and what it means in my life.  Overall I am not very religious yet I do believe in a spiritual being–but something about this time of year always makes me reflect on what I do believe and what I could be doing more… 

I thought about giving up driving last night when I was sore and laying on a heating pad-but that is just nonsense and really unrealistic when morning came.  I had thought about coffee in the car driving back home but well I drank a cup this morning. dang it. I also thought about giving up Facebook {gasp!} yet of course I already was on it and posted before I thought about it. 

then it occurred to me.

Why give up something this year when I could give something to a person every single day of lent.  There are so many people who are hurting this time of year and especially this year.  With my husband and I jobless for four months last year and without health insurance we realized how lucky we really are to have jobs, the support of our families, and a roof to call our own in 2010.  So what better way to celebrate the Lent season then by giving back…to my family, community, and the world. So my plan is to give at least once a day for 40 days and 40 nights.

what will i give today??

my time because although I am sore I made plans to go to an event tonight and everyone is canceling and i will not be one of those people…


i will finally give my valentine’s day card to my husband…

{promise tomorrow’s giving will be a wee bit better…}


One Response to “Whirlwind…”

  1. Lu February 18, 2010 at 2:41 pm #

    Glad to hear that you are ok. I’m giving myself something for lent and giving something up too. In it’s own way it will be a sacrifice of sorts.

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