Style Mission

18 Feb

As noted in this post  my style is lacking and really looking back I have not bought one single item of clothing {that wasn’t wedding/honeymoon related} in over a year! {YIKES!}  There was always something else to buy and shopping just seemed like a luxury at the time and I would feel so guilty.  Not only did it feel like a luxury, but also a burden. I can have a really hard time finding clothes that 1) i like 2) fit me 3) in my budget range and well in the end I basically gave up left the store empty handed {or with something for my neice}.

So I have decided that we are in a good with our budget that both my husband and I could use a bit of an update and choices in our closet {besides the same pair of jeans!} and so I have decided that each month we could each get a couple pieces of clothing to add to our closet.  I still felt a little bit guilty when I went shopping this past weekend, but I found great deals and took a dep breath and let the lovely cashiers swipe my card.

Now like most women {even though I haven’t shoppped in over a year} my closet is at FULL CAPACITY! How this happens is really beyond me??!!! So tonight I will be going through my closet and drawers to start making room for these new purchases and giving old clothes to Goodwill.  What will be my criteria for placing it in the Goodwill pile?? 1) haven’t worn in over a year/season 2)love it but starting to fall apart/have holes in it 3) if I have 4,534,432 of the same item

So for the fun part…what I have bought this weekend!!  When I shop at Shoppe de Sara (aka clothes from a friend) I really gravitate towards her Banana Republic clothes over and over again.  I enjoy how they feel and they have really lasted me a very long time.  I also have found that I gravitate towards items that I can layer (aka bring from spring/summer to fall winter) such as cardigans, dressier short-sleeve shirts, jackets, and items in soft materials.  So although I once thought Banana Republic was only for the rich their outlet stores are right up my alley! The deals that I got from this store makes me want to go back next month for more!  I would say that the outlet prices compare to a regular Gap store–yet I feel the quality of fabrics they use is worth it and the clothes last forever. Everything shown was on sale except for one purchase I could not pass up!

beige color long(er) cardigan.  More for the winter months, but definately can be used for Fall as well {price 38.00}

My one non-sale splurge (which really was only a 39.99 splurge) is this uber soft material cardigan.  I feel this can be worn in all seasons because it is light and airy and just needs more/less layers depending on the season. LOVE IT!

Another great material and I love the design.  Not too much, but not bland at all.  It is a flowy material and I can see this for all seasons as well with a cardigan, jacket, by itself, with pants, shorts…possibilities are endless. {price 27.00}

Yellow! Yellow will forever remind me of my wedding and it makes me instantly smile. This is a great layering shirt and I just loveeee the ruffles on the neckline.  It was very wearable material and dressy enough to pull it off for work in the summer. {price 17.50}

I also purchased some workout clothes because I have been running and needed some wicking shirts. not too exciting but I figured I would share as well.  This picture is a tank top, shorts, and a long sleeve running shirt. All of them being 9.99…hollerrrrr

More fabulous workout clothes because seriously $9.99 is a freaking STEAL and I just couldn’t stop myself! Two more tank tops and a t-shirt running apparel. I made out like it was no one’s business at this store. 

SIDENOTE: If you are wondering if workout clothes are worth the investement YES THEY ARE! {i was a skeptic once}.  I had on some of the new running gear and I added on another mile to my running this week.  I wasn’t as uncomfortable and ready to stop running as I was with just a cotton tank top and regular old capris.  It is completely worth it and really makes you feel good while working out.

{I also got 2 banana dress shirts for my husband at 10 bucks and 15 bucks a piece SAYYY WHAATTT?? He also got running socks, a running shirt, jogging pants and jogging shorts.  I didn’t take pictures because honestly my clothes were wayyy more exciting than boys clothes..HAHA!}

NEXT MONTH: Getting some bottoms for both the husband and I…this may take more than an hour these purchases took…



2 Responses to “Style Mission”

  1. Nicole February 19, 2010 at 9:10 am #

    Love the clothes! 🙂 I’m in the same boat… needing to buy at least two new outfits a month!!

  2. Nicole July 9, 2010 at 2:38 pm #

    I’m with you, I used to have no style at all. Now all I do is just try to coordinate my clothes together and accessorize! Its simple and is pretty cheap.

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