Movie Bust!

19 Feb

About a 2 weeks ago my husband and I were surfing the Movie on Demand and there was a movie that my husband really wanted to see called the Hurt Locker.  He is into war movies and history so we both figured this would be right up his alley!  I didn’t have much that I saw I wanted to watch and so I said…SURE! WHY NOT?!

I will tell you why not…

The movie was ridiculously AWFUL to the max.  It was beyond terrible and I don’t know how I got through the movie.  Wait, I know how I got through it…surfing my iphone applications throughout the entire movie. Can I please have those 2 hours of my life back? {yes, a bit dramatic but totally true}

A recap of my rating system for movies: { A+ }=in my all time favorite section {A} =it was really fabulous and a movie I could watch over and over  {B+}=Above average, a must see and will buy it if I had only rented the movie {B} = Average, glad I watched the movie and it kept my attention  {C}= Eh, I could take this movie or leave it. Not really my style and I would not purchase it  {F}= Ummm yea complete waste of my time and I would like the director to give me back whatever I paid to see this movie. stinky like old socks.


So normally I say that I don’t want to give up the plot in my movie reviews, but really THERE WAS NO PLOT.  It was just a bunch of people moving around in Baghdad with no goal or plot in site.  At least in a war movie there is a plot aka Saving Private Ryan…trying to save private ryan…haha.  nope not in this movie.  It was craptacular and really there was nothing good to say about it.  Normally even with a bad movie I still say well at least I only rented it…I was pissed that I even spent 4 dollars on the rental! yes. So bad that even my husband who is a war movie fanatic had to admit it was prettyyyyy bad and really there was no plot. that bad. 

The kicker??? It has won awards???!!! Maybe it is suppose to be an artsy fartsy kinda take on war to get the awards.

moral of this story don’t waste your time or money…


4 Responses to “Movie Bust!”

  1. Nicole February 21, 2010 at 1:29 am #

    Ha, ha. I’ll be sure not to see that movie!

  2. Kelly February 21, 2010 at 1:24 pm #

    Noooo it’s a great movie!! It’s not about war, it’s more about the psychological effects of war and how it strained the relations between soldiers…etc etc…but I could see how it would be disappointing if you were expecting a straight up war movie. haha. 🙂 KB and C$ never agree on movies though, lol!

  3. love1025 February 21, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    even though we don’t like the same movies…i am really surprised you thought it was in the category of “great” lol 🙂


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    […] the Hurt Locker had won Best Picture.  Are we for real people?? Now I know I was really harsh in my review of it and there were people out there who thought the movie was great {yes, BFF I am speaking of […]

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