Who’s the boss?

19 Feb

nope not Tony Danza.

When people found out that I was going to Hoboken the first thing they would say is…you have to go see the boss!


ohhhh the CAKE boss!!

So we got up in the morning and walked to the cake boss {which is actually called Carlo’s Bakery..who knew?!?} and found no line  and we were in bakery bliss.  The smells were amazing and everything looked more delicious.  It was early and so I first needed coffee and in the end a large coffee and biscotti won out!  I was totally not disappointed. Seriously mouthwatering delicious.  We also had to get a sheet of coffee cake to have enough to use a debit card and I hear there is not much left of that sheet {so glad I left that to my roommate to eat…haha!}

It truly felt like a day in the city.  Walking to a bakery and getting a coffee and biscotti and sitting in the bistro talking and taking in the sights.  i loved every moment.  We also saw some celebrities–the mom who is really the boss in that bakery is just as hilarious in person.  and a couple others from the show..i thought my roommate was going to be one of thoseeee people and ask for a picture or autograph.  Instead we stalked them with our video camera and got some fun video.  We literally rolled out of bed so no pictures of our heads in the video {roommates orders!}

and if you are ever in the Hoboken area please check out this place…worth all the hype.

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