Taking the Plunge: Week 6 & 7

22 Feb

So we had a holiday last monday and then I had a day off and then the week got busy and so I did not have a weigh in last week–but I had one this morning after 2 weeks of not being on the scale.  I was looking back at some of my monthly reflections and I realize that I did not really follow any of the advice I gave myself…seriously???!! So here it is the good, bad, and the uglyyyyy…


-my workouts have been steady and since I have started this program and I have increased how long I can run for and how fast I can run for.  I am very proud of myself for this achievement and although I haven’t been able to reach my 3 miles in 10 minutes I have done other great things.  I ran 4 miles in 48 minutes, 2 miles in 10 minutes (twice).  I am hoping that by the begining of March I can get to my goal! I have also thought about starting to train for a 15k, but I want to reach my first goal prior to going onto another training program. 


-Since my workouts have increased tremendously I apparently thought this gave me a free pass to eat what I wanted {with some limitations}.  When I ran for the 4 miles I thought hey…I can have that beer and some chips because I earned it.  I also thought…hey I need to add some carbs to my diet because I am working out more rigorously yet forgetting that I needed to do it in moderation and during certain times {not at 9pm at night}.  This isn’t to say that I went on a binge and ate everything in site, I just didn’t really remember some of the key components of the south beach diet and let myself indulge from time to time during these past two weeks. 


-well when you document it there is no fudging the results.  I am back where I was at the end of week 2.  Although I do feel fitter and not so “pudgy” and soft around the edges as I did at the end of week 2 I am not seeing the results on the scale.  So it turns out you can’t eat what you want and run 4 miles…HAHA!    

-i felt a little bit discouraged because my goal weight seems a bit farther away than normal, but in the same sense I feel great that I have been increasing my exercise and feeling healthy.  It is an odd mixture of emotions!

So my goal for this week is to get better control again with the south beach diet and I have decided to add a carb at the beginning of my day for breakfast.  I hope that this gives me the extra energy I need during the day for my workouts yet giving my body all day to burn off the carb I ate in the morning.  I am adding oatmeal to my diet and so lets see what results I get this week with this new plan. 

Beginning Weight: 191.8lbs

{End of} Week 1 Weight: 185.2lbs {6.6lb weight loss!}

{End of} Week 2 Weight: 184{1.2 weight loss!}-did not meet 5 lb weight loss

{End of} Week 3 Weight: 181.0 {3.0 weight loss!!}-went over my 1lb weight loss

{End of} Week 4 Weight: 182.4 {1.4 lb gain!}

{End of} Week 5 Weight: 182.8{.4 lb gain-blame it on the superbowl. haha!}

{End of} Week 6 & 7 Weight: 184 {1.7 lb gain-blame it on the red velvet cake I ate..}

Week 8 Goal: 1.7 lb

Total Weight Loss: 7.8lbs

Ultimate Goal on May, 30, 2010: 150lbs

And the proof…


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