Finally Hit the”Submit” Button…

24 Feb

So after a good couple months of trying to decide and looking at some pretty unrealistic & realistic vacations for ourselves we have decided on a destination.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t what the majority thought we should go on via the interwebs and it actually got NO VOTES! But after much deliberation we have finally hit the SUMBIT button online for our vacation! {whew!}

We are going to….


We will be staying at the Wynn because although we wanted to do cheaper on our vacation this year and decided to chose the “cheapest” of our vacation spots we wanted to go all out on where we stayed.  So why the Vegas you ask especially with getting no votes!??!!

Here are a few reasons and so I will share with you since the decision was so prolonged…

1. We wanted to finish what we started on our honeymoon and it seems kinda incomplete when we tell the story…”so where did you go on your honeymoon.” Normally the conversation starts well we were suppose to… So now we can complete the wedding/honeymoon chapter on a great note and finish what we started a year ago. 

2. Like I said earlier it is dang CHEAP to go to Las Vegas yet still not be in the middle of Nebraska on off season.  We are definately striving for some financial goals this year and we didn’t want to blow our budget out of the water on this trip.  We just spent so much money less than a year ago on a wedding and honeymoon and we really wanted to stick to our economized year we have been living.

3. Our big goal is to get to Europe and although we will not being going this year we are hoping the money we save by doing something on a smaller scale will help us get there that much quicker.  Seriously if deciding to go to Vegas took us this long I have no idea how long it will be for us to decide our destinations for Europe!

4. We wanted to do something that we wouldn’t do with kids because sooner or later there will be kids in our future.  Some of the vacations we think about doing can involve kids, but  Las Vegas will not be on our top family vacations I am sure. HAHA.

5. Prior to us getting married we went on a little BlackJack spree and recently some of those stories keep popping up in conversations and we have been saying for the past couple weeks oh we should go down on a random day again and hit up the casinos.  Well apparently we have the itch to do some more gambling again and so this is the perfect time to go to Vegas the mecca of casinos!

We are excited to have some time to get away and enjoy ourselves in a place we have never been.  Plus we have an insider in Las Vegas and have gotten some tips on places to eat and try out {score!}.  Definately look out for a review of all things Las Vegas when we get back!

Anyone else been to the Vegas?? Recommendations??


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