Dad’s Gift

26 Feb

So my step-dad’s birthday was yesterday {happy birthday!} and at the beginning of the week I had started to think about what I was going to get him.  Normally it takes me forever to pick out a guy’s gift {that doesn’t involve my husband} and so I was kinda/sorta dreading figuring out what to get him.  On top of that we will not be seeing each other until March so I needed it to be ship-able.  Some of our past gifts have been Omaha Steaks, crazy christmas lights, machinery for the house.  Well this year it took me 4.5 seconds to figure out what I wanted to get him {probably the fastest gift I have EVER bought}. 

The funny part? 

I typed in “dad’s birthday gift ideas” into Google and what do you know–the perfect gift link was right on top! WOW!  I heart Google.  You can read minds now.  

{monogrammed slippers!}

So through Red Envelope I found these slippers and they are just perfect for my step-dad! They are waterproof, have a bit of tread on the bottom for when he takes the dog out and wants to keep his slippers clean, and they can be momogrammed! Um so perfect.  My co-worker asked if they were Acorn brand and I had no clue what that meant so he looked at the website and a special bonus was they were Acorn brand {apparently a really high quality shoe/slipper brand}. They were only $39.95 {plus 5 dollar monogram fee}.  I was sold in really 5 seconds and 2 minutes later they were purchased and on their way to my step-dad. 

I texted my mom to make sure I bought the right size and she was really happy I was getting him slippers because their dog Max {who is like 150 pounds and thinks he is a lap dog} ate his slippers. 

 Seriously easiest guy birthday present I have ever bought! They should be arriving at your doorstep today and I hope you love them Tdog and happy special birthday to you!

Now onto my mom’s birthday present…



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