Mom’s Gift Idea

1 Mar

So after buying these bad boys for your dad or step-dad he will love them and feel that he is walking on clouds {his words not mine} for approximately 5 minutes and then your mom will take over the slippers and your dad will never see them again.  {as what happened to my step-dad this weekend}.  He got his birthday gift and was skipping and walking around them and my mom says…oh let me see how they feel and well that was the last he saw of them. 

Thankfully my mom’s birthday is this upcoming Saturday and since I will be working I will not be able to see her so I needed to purchase another online gift.  Well after hearing that she wouldn’t part with my step-dad’s gift I figured that I needed to get her a pair of her own! {yea I am talking to you mom!}.  I was hoping that Red Envelope had a little bit more girly version of the slipper and what do you know…THEY DO! They don’t have the same backing but they have a rubber sole for taking out the dog and they have the theraputic foam inside to make her feet feel just as dreamy.  They were $34.95 {a whole 5 bucks cheaper than the guy’s version!}

{i bought them in cream because they have dogs and didn’t want them turning brown in 4.5 seconds}

Happy {early} Birthday Mommacita!!!

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