My Top 10 Olympic Moments {2010}

1 Mar

I know post overload today! Apparently I have a ton to say in March. HAHA! I thought I would hold off on this post since it has been a busy posting morning BUT with the Olympics ending last night I truly could not wait to share my top 10 Olympic moments of 2010!!

I have found that really love both the summer and winter Olympics.  I use to only really enjoy to watch the summer Olympics like it was my job and then just the figure skating in the winter Olympics, but as I have gotten older I have an appreciation of all sporting events in the Olympics.  The one bad thing about the winter olympics {at least this time around} is that it is during one of the busier times in my job and so I very little free time to watch an entire Olympic event and fully enjoying the Olympics.  We were so dominate in a ton of sports and so it made the Olympics that much better.  USA 37 medals! {most EVER at an Olympics by USA!}  

Now that the Olympics are over I am sad that I can’t just turn on my TV and find some sort of amazing sporting event happening I did get to witness some pretty exciting games! First football ends and now the Olympics….BOO HOO! Don’t feel too bad for me because my husband and I found a new fabulous show {post on that later in the week!} that will be taking up most of our March and let’s not forget March Madness people!

Here is my Top 10 Olympic Moments from the Winter Olympics in 2010…

#10. In the opening ceremony seeing a fellow blogger on TV being part of the big moment

#9.  Watching Tim Burke try to win the biathlon {which has never been done by USA}.  It was close until halfway through, but he finished 18th. Still so exciting.

#8. Apolo Ohno becoming the “winningest Winter Olympian” yet I was unable to see most of his skating. boo.

#7. Julia Mancuso wearing a tiara on the podium.  everyone is a princess in their own way.

#6. Loved watching the Moguls like it was my job.  Was actually really happy to see Canada win its first gold on their turf during the Moguls. GO Alexandre Bilodeau!

#5. Watching Shaun White win the Gold Medal in Men’s Halfpipe.  The best is he won before his last run and so he tried out his new “no one else does it” trick. amazing.

#4. Wanting to watch the USA vs. CANADA so badly but not having the MSNBC channel and having to see it livestream on our computer and it buffering every 30 seconds. classic.  GO USA!

#3 Turning on the TV just in time to watch Lindsey Vonn win the Gold medal in Women’s downhill. Can we say perfect timing??!

#2 Watching the emotional figure skating of Joannie Rochette only 2 days after her mother died…she nailed the entire skate for her mom with her dad in the stands.

#1 Being on the edge of our seats for USA vs Canada Hockey game and jumping up and down with 24 seconds left with my husband. priceless.


Anyone have any favorite moments???


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