Novice Runner Part I

1 Mar

So there is this motto that I really hate to hear yet I am going to be saying it in this blog post and if you can put the badness of the cliche’ aside and take it for the truth then you are better person then me.  I always roll my eyes when I hear it.

if i can do it you can do it…

There I said it.  So let me try to explain and hopefully give you some tips and tricks to make it happen for you in becoming a novice runner.  I want to make sure that I fully explain how I was never a runner, why I wanted to become a runner, and in the end how I became a runner and so this will be a three part series.  Some people try to play it off…oh I was never good at running…I am totally not in shape, yadda yadda yadda and then WHAM they are running 10 miles a day.  When I say I have never been a runner I mean it and here is the nitty gritty of my non-exsistent exercise life…

Way back in the day during middle school I had to run the mile for our gym test and I would always get a big fat FAIL.  I was skinny and had really long legs so I never exactly knew what the problem was and I was also so jealous of this girl Ginny who just glided when running.  Fast forward to high school and I joined the field hockey team {the #2 women’s sport in running!}.  I would truly struggle every step of the way and normally the coach would move on to the next practice exercise before I was doing doing out 5 mile “warm up” run.   Then came college and I really didn’t have much of a workout routine, but my roommate really embraced working out and so I did Billy Blanks and other cardio tapes throughout my four years. If I ever did go to the gym it would be to walk on the treadmill and then pretend to use some of the other equipment and then leave feeling like I accomplished something {when all I really did was walk around the gym aimlessly}.  The best was when I PAID to use this fancy gym called Curves and convinced my BFF to join with me. But why pay for exercising when you had a fabulous gym for free at your fingertips { and in walking distance of our residence halls I might add}???  Because I was stupid, dumb and told myself that if I paid for my workout it would really make me go all the time.  I am sure you all know this is sooooo not the case. BIG FAIL. {thank you for still being friends with me BFF even after that debacle}

Fast forward to working a job that has demanding hours and isn’t a typical 9-5 job and doesn’t really allow for you to get into any sort of routine.   My old job of 3 years had a ton of fitness programs for staff members including weight watchers and exercise programs.  I attended the weight watchers meetings and started going to the exercise programs, which really made me feel healthier.  I couldn’t attend every session because of work or personal obligations and soon enough the exercise program stopped and so did I with working out.  I eventually got to the gym and started to use the treadmill and stair climbers pretty frequently.  Until I was on the treadmill jamming to my music trying my hardest to become a runner.  I finish up my run and this guy on the eliptical stops me and states that my running is terrible and that I am just pounding the treadmill and exerting too much energy in each step, which in case I didn’t know is why I was a slow runner. Um, thanks for the unwanted advice and making me feel uber awkward old man.  I got out of there as fast as possible and stuck with elipticals from there on out. {thanks buddy}.

Flash to 2008 and I get proposed to and want to get fit {naturally!}.  Not feeling motivated at my work gym I decide to pay major bucks for not only a gym membership, but also a trainer.  Now granted I looked and felt the best I had felt in a long time at my wedding–but not without a cost.  And even though I was working out with a trainer and on a pretty rigorous program I was still not running on the treadmill and every so often I would hop on an eliptical only because my trainer forced me.  I remember showing the gym to a co-worker and we hopped on the treadmill together and since I had been working out with a trainer I couldn’t be shown up so even if I was running at a snail pace I wasn’t getting off the treadmill before her {i succeeded but really it was a once in a blue moon being on that treadmill!}

Whew that was long, yet necessary.  So you get the idea, right? I was never ever a runner.  I never was able to run a mile without begging my body to stop and walk just a couple steps.  I was never a go to the gym and workout kinda person {except when a white dress was involved}.  Everytime I tried to “become a runner” something or someone always was getting in the way {or possibly just excuses were getting in the way}. 

So what changed??

…Stay tuned for Novice Runner Part II to find out…


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