Novice Runner Part II

2 Mar

So in Part I of my running adventure I talked about how I was never ever a runner…

So what really changed??

Getting on that scale after a long time not stepping on it and seeing what eating whatever I wanted and not having any routine in exercising did to my body.  It really actually scared me in thinking that if I let this go on any longer I could end up “fat.” I had always been on the skinnier side and so for me to be in the plus-size range really made me mad at myself.  Now I am not saying that being plus-size is bad because I know a great deal of healthy plus size women, but when your normal size has never been in the plus-size range it really made me realize the choices I was making were negatively affecting my body.  For me it was my wake up call and yet everyone’s wake up call is different. Sometimes it is the scale, clothes not fitting, a comment someone makes, seeing a bad angle photo of yourself, seeing an old “skinny” picture of yourself, or just plain old tired of seeing your thighs jiggle when you walk.  Whatever it is you know when it happens.      

Now What?

I knew that I would just be faking getting fit if I went back to my old friend the eliptical and new I needed a change in exercise.  I had an Iphone and started to look at some applications regarding running and found a couple that seemed up my alley.  I chose to do the “Get Running” application.  It was time focused rather than mile focused and it was a 9 week progression application so I felt it was at a slow enough pace for me to be able to complete.  Now when I first started I really just had to laugh at the application and myself…I am not THIS out of shape to be starting at such a low level.

Week 1: Run a minute and walk a minute and a half eight times. Ummm really?  I almost laughed myself off the treadmill but I turned on my tunes and listened to the nice British lady tell me when to walk and run.  I will be honest it wasn’t tough, but it wasn’t easy at the same time and by week 2 I realized this program was no joke. 

Each week I would continue with the application {with the end goal being able to run 30 minutes} and some days were better than others.  I remember my first “long run” and it being 20 minutes long and I was terrified.  I was scared and my husband went to the gym with me that night and I really needed that shove to get on that track. Am I ready to be running 20 minutes straight? What if I can’t finish will that just discourage me?? Maybe I should do a week over again just in case.  Well guess what? I DID IT! I made it thorugh my first 20 minute run and I was amazed.  Now it wasn’t pretty and people passed me on the indoor track like I was just walking but I kept it going and in the end I couldn’t have been prouder. 

After the 20 minute run it brings you back down for an “ease up week” to get you ready for the stretch of no walking weeks. I kept looking ahead at the application thinking oh my gosh I can’t do 25 minutes in 3 weeks, 28 minutes in 5 weeks!!  But the application nailed the timing and honestly my endurance increased and I was able to complete each session.  I struggled on some days, slowed my pace frequently but I NEVER stopped running. 

There were times when I stared at the application wishing away the seconds, other times I stared off into space and 10 minutes seemed to disappear in a flash.  There were times when I wanted to skip running and go back to my old friend the eliptical.  Other times I was excited to put on my gym clothes and get running.  It was an ebb and flow process and at times a huge struggle. 

On February 7th I reached my  goal…run for 30 minutes without stopping. 

I can’t describe the feeling of finishing a goal with your husband at the end of the track ready to give you a big sweaty hug like you have won a race.  It really felt empowering and I was so pleased that I was able to run 30 minutes because in my entire life I had never made it to 30 minutes.  For some people 30 minutes is a warm up, but for me it was VICTORY.

What can you do to make this goal happen??

….Stay tuned for Part III to find out…



10 Responses to “Novice Runner Part II”

  1. Nicole March 2, 2010 at 9:18 am #

    Good for you!!! I’m in the same boat, just beginning to run / work out again after not doing so for awhile. Your post was encouraging. 🙂

  2. Lu March 2, 2010 at 1:44 pm #

    Ok now I’m totally freaking out for my next few weeks of “running” ;). I’m doing the C25K and enjoying it. But, I don’t think it’s easy. But, that’s probably because I psych myself out. I’m so glad you have been able to run 30 minutes. I long for that day.

  3. love1025 March 2, 2010 at 2:22 pm #

    @nicole–youuu cannn do it!!! just think of summer! 🙂
    @ lu–totally was NOT easy but keep it up!! I longed for it as well but it gets easier every day you work out! don’t give up!! beach weather is on its way :0)

  4. Lisa March 2, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

    Wow! 30 minutes of straight running is impressive!!! Do you run on a track? or a treadmill? And if you’re on a treadmill, what mph do you run at?

  5. bethy3 March 2, 2010 at 9:57 pm #

    What program did you use? Congrats! I have tried the C25K twice and can’t get passed week 5 or 6.

  6. love1025 March 2, 2010 at 11:14 pm #

    @Lisa-hope you are doing well girl! I run mostly on an indoor track but I have tracked my mile time. I am about at a 12 minute mile for anything over 3 miles. I am about 10-11 minute mile with 3 miles or less. I am about a 6.0-7.0 speed on a treadmill.

    @bethy-I used “Get Running” on my Iphone app (giving the program steps out tommorrow–so check back!). I can understand during the 5-6 week because that is when (at least for me) I had to start going slower and I really was starting to realize I had ZERO endurance. But some things I did was just to keep moving and even if i was at a slow snail pace I wanted to not walk. Also gave myself mini goals…one more lap…3 more minutes…it got me through hard times and BAM i finished the week 🙂 Hope this helped!


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