Random Randomness…

5 Mar

As we were brushing our teeth this is a conversation that happened in our household..

Me: “I had a female nurse practitioner in the room with my OBGYN. I can’t imagine having a female OBGYN”

Husband: “Why not? They have what you have.”

Me:”I feel that girls always are judging other girl’s bodies and clothing. I don’t want to be judged. I kinda felt the nurse was judging my parts.”

Husband: “Wait, you think a female OBGYN would judge you? It is a job.”

Me: “I don’t care.  I feel that all straight men really appreciate all boobs and va-jj’s.  So my male OBGYN appreciates my body no matter what size I am. no judging involved.”

Me: “Wouldn’t you want a female looking at your package?”

Husband: “H*LL NO! I don’t want a female judging the size.”

Me: “See what I mean. Women judge. Give me a male anyday.”


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