Oscar Mania!

8 Mar

Sadly our household has one TV that is working {someone cut the cable cord in our bedroom before we moved in!} and so there was no way I was going to be able to steal the TV away from my husband for like 100 bizzillion hours.   So this morning I have beend doing some “Monday Quarterbacking” {yes I am still missing football season!} and picking my faves and not so faves and sharing with all of you lovely people…

Best Dressed: For real SJP how do you looks so amazing over and over again.  I heart you even more after this fashion display-must have been listening to your inner “Carrie.”  She took a risk yet it wasn’t too out of the box that I couldn’t “get” the dress.  No wonder my husband is your #1 fan! It actually was on some worst dressed lists but at least in the photos I just loved everything about this dress!  The hair could have been a little less frizzzy but hey SJP can’t win every category!

{Chanel Couture}

Worst Dressed: Say it aint so!! Poor Charlize Theron always gets it right but this year it was not so for me.  I truly love seeing her hairstyles and dresses at every award show but was completely SHOCKED to see this on her.  Flower boobies? Multiple colors of purple? Yikes…but I loved the hair and makeup!

Best Makeup: Anna Kendrick really nailed it as a first time nominee! I actually really loved everything about her on Oscar night.  Her makeup, hair and dress all was so fitting.  I am picking her for Best Makeup because it isn’t too overdone and really allowed her to glow and be herself.  The pinky/natural look was awesome and if I could replicate this makeup I definately would! Way to go!

Best Hair: Okay not really sure why she was at the Oscars BUT I really enjoyed her hair and I felt she had the best up-do in the crowd! For being so young she really did a great job with being sophisticated for the Oscars.  It looked done but not too over done as in the slicked to your head look.  I was really impressed and her overall look was great except the bra-top look might have been too focused on the boobage area for the Oscars and being young.

Shocker of the Night: I was completely shocked to see that the Hurt Locker had won Best Picture.  Are we for real people?? Now I know I was really harsh in my review of it and there were people out there who thought the movie was great {yes, BFF I am speaking of you}…but really Best Picture at the Oscars??? Shouldn’t you have some sort of plot if you are going to win Best Picture? Wow.  I am really surprised and really was bummed that they had won but perhaps it was good enough to win and I am being judgemental but I would steal this if I were James Cameron if I were him. One more thing…how does a movie like Forrest Gump get lumped in the same category as the Hurt Locker in both winning Best Picture?? ::off soapbox now.::

{yes this would be my face too if I were her..huh?i won??really??}

Best Moment of the Night: Oh how I have loved Sandra Bullock since the first movie she was in.  I will watch any movie of hers a million times over and seriously half of my movie collection has her in it.  I was so happy to wake up and see that she had won and that her work was being awarded the highest honor of Best Actress.  I love you Sandy! BUT I will say that I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t say it was Best Actress Award {only because I haven’t seen it yet!}.  I am so proud of Sandra Bullock and I can’t wait to see what she plans to do next!!

{just let it out girl! YOU WON!}

Most Interesting Moment: Ummm did really someone pull a “kayne west” at the Oscars??? Apparently that is what it looked like when this “crazy lady” rushed the stage and took the mic away from a winner.  Well it turns out that the “crazy lady” was the producer of the film and the two have had a long time feud and she up and decided to steal the thunder away from the director.  Shame on you crazy producer lady because whatever woes you had with Burkett save them for a better time then on the Oscar stage.  Oh Kayne…see what you have started!?

Most Awkward Moment: Well I didn’t get to witness it but everyone watching the Oscars facebooked about how awkward Kathy Ireland was at the awards show.  She was stumbling and acting drunk prehaps and did a terrible job with helping with the red carpet.  Something about a prosthetic arm came out at the show?? And some weird lamp setting surrounding her?? I am not exactly sure what went on around Kathy Ireland but it all sounded very awkward and out of place.  If someone watched can they fill me on the awkwardness that occurred??  I would stick with K-Mart Kathy Ireland.

WTF Moment: How do you leave off Farrah Fawcett out of the Oscar tribute? WTF. Wow Oscar “people who make up the tribute slideshow” you really screwed up this year! Jeezzz we need to remember the people who came before us and everyone was thinking where is Farrah in this tribute right after it happened and soooo hellooooo how do the Oscar people forget??? We can’t for get our Charlie’s Angel and the hair and the moment and her courage to fight cancer.  Gosh it is upsetting and I hope they do something BIG for her at the next Oscars to make up for their stupid stupid mistake.  We loveeeeeee you Farrah even if the Oscar people don’t. 


What were your thoughts??? What were your faves? not so faves??


3 Responses to “Oscar Mania!”

  1. dressingmyself March 8, 2010 at 3:14 pm #

    Anna Kendrick looked sooo beautiful ! I bet her Mom cried when she saw her she was so lovely. I almost cried and I’ve only seen her in a movie!

  2. Amber's notebook March 9, 2010 at 4:50 am #

    omg Kathy Ireland and her weird hand poses were SOO awkward!!! Too many Kmart adds for her or something for sure!

  3. Nicole March 9, 2010 at 9:12 am #

    Well said… I agree with all your comments. 🙂

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