Stolen Recipe

10 Mar

So my BFF who now has a life blog used to in her past life have a cooking blog {which is now retired}.  Now I stalk both of her blogs for different reasons.  The life blog so I can stay in the know with all the latest and greatest happening in her life because I can’t get enough of her. haha.  The cooking blog because we have similiar tastes and I have looveeeed all of her recipes I have made off of her blog so I always go back to try other items or to remember a past recipe.  This one I am about to share I break out when I am either lazy, tired, or need a quick fix but it isn’t mac and cheese.  This recipe could be done with your eyes closed…. it is that easy.  So I have stolen it and I am putting it on my blog.  The recipe is orginally from Betty Crocker Cookbook.  

Last night we had this delicious meal because I worked late and then had to go back in at 9:30pm so I deserved a night of a mindless recipe.  Plus it is delicious. 

{stolen picture as well. BFF’s picture. Forgot to take pic of my own masterpiece}

Pesto Chicken & Pasta

 3 cups bow tie pasta
2 cups cubed cooked chicken or turkey breast
1/2 cup pesto
1/2 cup coarsely chopped drained roasted red peppers (from 7-oz jar)
Sliced ripe olives, if desired


 Cook and drain pasta as directed on package, using 3-quart saucepan.

Cook chicken (season as desired)

Mix hot cooked pasta, chicken, pesto, and bell peppers in same saucepan.

Heat over low heat, stirring constantly, until hot.

Garnish with olives.


I never put in the olives because my husband does not like olives but I really wonder what it adds because I love olives {tasty without them though!}

I didn’t have red peppers in my cabinet and so we had this meal without them and although it was still very tasty the red peppers really add something to this meal.  Even if you don’t like them and will just push them to the side they are great for flavoring this meal. 

I love love love how quick and simple this meal is and really has great results at the end!

I have learned anything made with pesto is just amazzzzinggggg


2 Responses to “Stolen Recipe”

  1. theclambroll March 10, 2010 at 12:58 pm #

    Yay!! Glad the blog is still getting used…I still reference it sometimes too. 🙂 I really need to update the life blog though, lol.

  2. love1025 March 10, 2010 at 1:24 pm #

    i love reading your blog because in reality i am your stalker. MWAH!!! xoxoxoxo

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