Long Day…

16 Mar

{apparently this little post didn’t get posted yesterday…so when reading think of it posting on Monday…}

I have had some long days in my career but this one might top it.  Not for the number of hours I worked but what I did for every single hour of my Monday. First trying to get use to Daylight Savings time for the first day of work.   I had three fire alarms in the terrible wind and rain starting at 6:15am.  Plus one of them lasting for over 30 minutes without a coat.  My co-workers made a fort around me so that I wouldn’t suffer from hypothermia.  Then we had a 9-6pm meeting with one stop for lunch.  One meeting for that long and sitting in the same chair–I am surprised that I didn’t use my spork from lunch to poke my eye out.  It was a draining meeting with people not making the cut for positions within our department and really not hiring every candidate is a tough job. Then I went to the gym to try to get rid of some of the angst from the day.  It did some good, but I knew exactly what I needed when I got home.

a skinny margarita or also known as a skinny bitch.

My first taste of a skinny margarita was in Mexico on my honeymoon {also known as “ocho mas” drink}.  4 couples drinking skinny margaritas all.day.long. oh the good life.  Apparently Bethenny Frankel made them popular–but we were drinking wayyyy before her!

Never heard of a skinny margarita?? Then you are missing out! It is a wonderful drink that has less calories then the regular margaritas so you have a couple. It is a simple drink with a simple recipe that I will gladly share with you.  Plus it can bring you back to a lovely trip you have taken somewhere with a beach.  What could be better after a long day??

What you need??

-a small glass

-2-3 ice cubes

-the finest tequila in your liquor cabinet

-lime juice

-margarita mix {optional}

-getting over a hard day of work  {not optional haha!}

Fancy Directions…fancy indeed. haha yea right.

Put in about 2-3 ice cubes {depending on size of the ice cubes}

Put 2 shots {half a glass} of the tequila.

Then the rest with lime juice

{if it is too strong with just lime juice adjust with adding margarita mix and just a splash of lime juice}


Enjoy a delicious drink that will take you back to the tropics…you can thank me later. xoxo


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