I have caught the FEVER…

18 Mar



Every year since at least 1998 I get swept up in the craze of March Madness.  Once I attended a “basketball school” it just grew deeper and deeper.  Seriously when you go to any college that has a dominate sports team you live, breathe, eat sports for the entire season.  As Diana Taurasi stated at the Championship Game back in 2004…”when you think of UCONN you think domination”  What a sweeeeeet year that was for UCONN wining both the women and men’s National Championship Game…WHAT WHAT!

Today starts the tournament yet sadly the UCONN Men are not even the tournament and have to watch all the hoopla on their TV sets just like you and me–but that will not stop me from filling a bracket out, entering into a group bracket competition, obsessively watching the games like a maniac and of course having our own rivalry in the house.  The women are in it to win it and I am so excited to watch them play some of their best basketball yet!  Every year my husband and I fill out seperate brackets and have a competition for men’s March Madness.  Every year the stakes get higher and higher.  This year’s winner will get $100.00 to purchase whatever they want–big deal in our household since normally we purchase items we both want/need.  This $100.00 will be our own and we could blow it on absolutely anything we want with no looks or rolling of eyes from the other. {ohhhh the possibilities!!!}

Who do I have in the Final Four? Kansas, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, & Villanova

Do I have any double digits going to the Sweet 16? San Diego State

Any big upsets? Murray St. over Vanderbilt,  Minnesota over Xavier, Cornell over Temple, Siena over Purdue, Old Dominion over Notre Dame,

Who do I have wining it all?  KANSAS


Every cross your interweb fingers for me in hopes that I win this very large bet!


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