22 Mar

Okay awhile back I realized that my husband’s feet are wayyyyy softer than my own.  this just isn’t right people?! Nothing like getting a foot rub from your husband and your feet feel like sandpaper. My husband being the kind man that he is kept saying it was because he wore socks all the time with his dress shoes or sneakers. um yea right.  His feet feel like a baby’s bottom and as awkward as it sounds I would allow you to touch them just to hear you say…”wow, yea his feet are really soft”

I use to have pedicures about once a month even in the winter, but normally two weeks into my pedicure my feet would be dry, rough and crackly and just plain old nasttyyyy.  When we started to make a budget monthly pedicures were not on the list and so they were getting even worse!  I just couldn’t keep up with my feet in both the winter and summer and I basically figured I would have dry feet forever. YUCK.  My husband even one year bought me this hand & feet at home spa treatment gift basket to help out with the cause.  I used it once or twice, but never really stuck with a routine until this month…

I found at the bottom of a basket at the beginning of the month “Heel of Approval” Cracked Heel Treatment from Bath and Body Works and decided that after every time out of the shower I would put this cream on my heels and feet and see if I have found any improvement.   I have only been using it for about 3 weeks, but I definately have noticed a difference.

Helllooooo soft feet!! This cream is like magic! I have been wearing a ton of ballerina flats with no socks lately and even without me wearing socks my feet have been SO SOFT and not crack-a-lackin’! This stuff really does work and has helped my feet feel soft, moisturized, and beautiful.  I am a believer and not sure why I waited so long to try out this stuff on a consistent basis since it was sitting in my bathroom for so long! GO FIGURE!  I haven’t changed anything else about my foot regiment {still the same body wash in the shower} and yet what a dramatic difference.  Seriously if you have dry feet and need something to help between pedicures this is it and it is only 20 buckaroos!


Also, right now Bath and Body Works is having a buy 2 get 1 FREE mix and match.  So head on over and give your feet some needed relief!


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