Boston Trip Review & No Regrets

25 Mar

Before I get into our Boston trip I wanted to say that besides it being a really fun experience to just hop on a train and enjoy Boston it was also very eye opening as well.  Let’s rewind a year when we were about to get married I was also in the hunt for a new job, my husband was applying for grad school and since my new job would entail moving we were also in the midst of packing.  all in the same month.  seriously not the best idea we have ever had, but we figured we could juggle it all and still keep our sanity. ummmm yea right.  One day after 3 rejection phone calls I came home deflated and basically stated to my husband well you got into Sonoma State University we should follow your dream and just head out to California….lets just take a leap of faith and a risk and move out to California.  After some moments of really? should we?? We basically decided that we were going to pack up and move to California and after the wedding I had a California interview anway and so our mentality was WE CAN DO THIS! 

Fast foward 3 days and my boss at my institution told me that one of my interviews at a Boston institution that I was really really interested in was really interested in hiring me and although I made the decision to move out to California did I want to reconsider? Well earlier that month that same person had an inside scoop in the deparment and stated that the RDs really loved me but I didn’t impress the upper administration.  I was uber bummed so hearing that they wanted me made me wonder…was I sloppy seconds? Did they really want me or was I their last choice? And helloooo we are moving to California so ultimately I said no thanks.  We got married and headed out to big bad state of California!  Well saying no has been my biggest regret after this whole debacle even though I loved every minute of California {until we were broke and I was crying on Sara’s bed telling her we were leaving of course} and my husband and I have great jobs and we are stable so I really shouldn’t be having regrets–but I do and I have wondered this entire year…what if I told that Boston instiution…YES!! TAKE ME!!  Where would we be now?

So why this long long story in the middle of a Boston review you might ask?? Well during this trip I realized that it wasn’t a regret to not accept that Boston trip because I am happy not to be living in Boston.  I do love me some Boston, but I am glad to be visiting it rather than living in it and for me that was the best part of this weekend!   I have realized how expensive Boston is and we would really be living it up in Boston and really not saving the money we want to be doing for our next step in our lives.  The price of living in Boston is unbelievable and just spending a few hours in the city made me realize that I am happy living in a smaller city with less expenses.  Not having this regret has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders and now I don’t have to wonder and think about all the “what ifs” and really just enjoy my life and leave that decision in the past and be thankful for where we are now. Big revelations in one weekend!

Soooo now onto the review of Boston!!!

We got onto the train {$27.00 round trip for both of us} and relaxed since my husband worked during the day and talked a bit.  We love taking the trip and not having to deal with the traffic and the parking.  Once we got off the train I realized I needed to purchase some womanly items {$4.00} and then we were off to the Theatre District…YAY!  We had to take the T station a few times that day so we each purchased a Charlie Card in order to take the subway with ease {$10.00 each person}–one trip on the subway is $2.00 each person.

We arrived in the middle of Boston Commons one of my favorite places in Boston with a huge park and we were able to take a stroll, watch the little kiddies and the little doggies.  It was 70 degrees out and so everyone was out playing frisbee and soccer and having picnics.  It was a great atmosphere.  We sat on a park bench and really just enjoyed the people watching and the sights! one of the best parts of the entire trip {and it was FREE!}

So after we strolled for a bit longer until we started to get hungry.  We headed in the direction of Charles Playhouse for the show we were seeing later in the evening.  We ended up going to Rock Bottom since we were both in the mood for a cold beer.   We went to a chain so that it could be a little cheaper since we spent a good amount of money on the show.  I actually tried my first turkey burger EVER and it was delicious although it can’t compare to a “real burger” for sure.  I could definately tell the difference but the flavor was great and it was a good first experience.  We had a couple cold beers and really were having a great time until I decided that I wanted to have carrot cake for dessert.  I should have taken a picture of the carrot cake but seriously it was almost a 1/2 a cake {two layers!}.  It was unbelievable and we obviously didn’t finish it but my tummy started to grumble a bit and was starting to get uncomfortable.  We got a ginger ale at the bar for me and watched a bit of the March Madness on the TV but I was feeling ill and thought walking and fresh air would help.  {all together $44.10 total} 

As we were walking we stopped at another Seven Eleven {because really we stalked 7-11 on this trip!} and bought some medicine to help my stomach {$3.00}.  I immediately started to feel better and just in time to go see the main event and the reason why we were in Boston in the first place! BLUE MAN GROUP!!! OH MY GOSH SOOOOO GOOOD!!!! Seriously my husband and I both say it is the best show we have seen in a really really long time.  We saw it at the Charles Playhouse in Boston and the theater was really small and quaint and we were in the 5th row in the center and it was so amazing.  I thought it was all musical and that they played on the drums the entire time with paint and although they do this–it is for maybe a quarter of the show.  It is a comedy act and it is HILARIOUS! I was peeing my pants after the first 5 seconds. SO GOOD.  really I can’t rave about it enough and the tickets were definately worth every penny.  A little note though–don’t be late because what they do to late people is beyond embarrassing but extremely funny for the audience.  The entire show was about 90 minutes and the ending was fabulous–I could have watched longer.  If you have a chance to watch this show–please do because you will not regret it.  Some people say it can be really loud but I didn’t find it to be super loud and my ears were not ringing at the end of it.  It also might be a different show if you are seeing it in a larger arena–having it be so intimate made the show that much better and being close up to really see their facial expressions was AWESOME.   I could go on and on but really the best show! {tickets $160.00}

We then met up with some friends near Hynes Convention Center that were in town for a conference.  We also wanted to get some updates about March Madness so we were very pleased to find that the place had TVs.  There was an event happening for the conference on the bottom level of the bar, which was called LIR {on Bolyston Street}, so we snuck down to meet everyone there and it was fabulous! The bar was super swank, TVs and enough seating for people to relax. {also the place I found out Kansas had lost and my bracket was BUSTED!}  The top part had a huge bar as well and some seating and when it is nice out they open the window to have the fresh air coming in.  I would definately go to this bar again because it was a fun establishment and like any other city the drinks were pricey. { 4 beers plus tip $26.00}. 

After some good times we headed back to make the last train out of the city that night and of course we arrived wayyy to early so we had some McD’s french fries to soak up some of the alcohol that we had that night {french fries $4.00}.  We headed back home and I fell asleep on my husband’s shoulder.  We both agreed we had a fabulous spontaneous Saturday trip but it will be great to be in our own beds for the night! We also agreed that Boston can be very expensive and we are grateful that we can visit but not live there because we can’t afford to spend $26.00 dollars on 4 beers! We will stick to our local brewery $2.50 beers. HAHA. 

So if you weren’t keeping track this is how much we spent in an 8 hour span in Boston….GRAND TOTAL: $278.10 {of course not every time we go into Boston we see a show but it still can be expensive for a low key night}

moral of the story is a spontaneous trip into the city can be costly yet extremely fun…and every decision you make in life is for a reason. don’t second guess it.


2 Responses to “Boston Trip Review & No Regrets”

  1. wolfshowl March 25, 2010 at 11:32 am #

    I can tell from your (wonderful) descriptions that you were in the pricier neighborhoods of town. Locals know the cheap places to go, y’know. 😉 For instance, right down the street from me is a pub that has $3 beers. Of course, it is true that housing is always more expensive in cities, but trust me, you were hitting up pricier bars than the pubs the locals go to!

  2. love1025 March 25, 2010 at 1:08 pm #

    I need to go out with you to get a drink then–3 bucks sounds wonderful!!! I haven’t been able to find a cheap fun place–please do tell!! 🙂

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