Nothing Sweeter

5 Apr

There really is nothing sweeter to me than my little neice Nadia who I can’t believe is turning 3 next month.  She is adorable, sweet and just has soooo much love to give.  We get a long great and I know that we will be close forever.  I asked her during one of our fancy nancy tea parties yesterday if she liked blue or pink. Her response: pink {duh!}.  I then asked her if she liked Cinderella or Jasmine better.  Her resonse: Cinderella.  We both had pony tails in our hair and we kept calling each other twins. Seriously we were meant to be family.  With her cute new Cinderella pearl necklace and bracelet we shared some tea and goldfish.  completely priceless. 

I was also able to swing with her and watch her be a big girl and go down the slide.  We picked up sticks together while I taught her what tiny, medium and large meant using sticks of course.  We played with a slinky up and down the stairs about a million times {no need for the stair climber yesterday!}.  It was beautiful out and we had a beautiful day playing together until her mother forced her to have sleepy time {aka bedtime}.  I just love her so much my heart could burst!

Some of the moments I was able to capture on camera was everyone playing t-ball together.  

 Opa & Mommy teaching Nadia how to hit the ball

she was a natural!

big beautiful eyes and oh that awesome hat!

 when she got bored with t-ball she went for collecting sticks



and just when I thought she couldn’t get ANY cuter this picture comes along {way to rock the sunglasses Nadia!}

let’s not forget about her favorite uncle

as we were drifting off to sleep my lovely husband whispered in my ear that I am going to be a wonderful mom one day. the cherry on top of my very sweet day.

oh and to just add to the sweetness I got a voicemail from lovely Nadia this morning stating “hi auntie i miss you, come back soon. okay bye bye. ” I will be keeping this message on my iphone for a very very long time. how can that not brighten up any day???

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