6 Apr

stress is not for the weak.

For the past 3 months I have been listening to sets of numbers, calculations, and scenarios {no it had nothing to do with our budget…HAHA}.  The numbers that have been swirling around in my head were the numbers that my husband needed to reach in order to get his first bonus.  It was all very technical and tedious, but after 3 months I think/hope that I understand tiny bit of the banking lingo.  So there was an overall point number he had to reach and then there were multiple categories under that main point number.  He needed to reach the main point number AND all the point numbers in ALL of the categories to get a bonus.  The higher he was over the goal point numbers for all the categories and main number increased his bonus. oh and if you missed one of the categories and didn’t hit the goal you got nothing for that quarter. well maybe a pat on the back–but no bonus.  It is all or nothing in the banking world. All I could do was support and listen, but the one thing that was definately very clear was that by the last week he was still needed to hit one the categories and he was soooooooo close.  He needed to hit 50% and up until the last week he was at 48%. talk about heartbreaker if he didn’t get the last category.

and so with 48 hours until the end of the quarter new numbers came out and he was at 50.07%!!!! HE MADE IT! All the hard work for months had paid off and not just with a pat on the back this quarter.

So needless to say it was a really tough and stressful for the hubby in regards to getting into the mindset of sales and competition and calulating your goal points and numbers and so I thought it would a great night to celebrate before the NEXT quarter starts and the stress starts all over again. Once he hit his mark I knew we needed to celebrate so I made steak and creamy mash potatoes and our staple vegetable-corn for dinner.  I told him to leave room for dessert {although my husband HATES dessert} and so he grumbled a bit wanting to eat more steak…but I told him holding out would be worth it. trust me.

When I came out with the WAY TO GO icecream cake his face was priceless and he was so happy because although he hates desserts…he lovesssss ice cream cake {and really who doesn’t???}.  The night was a complete success and we able to enjoy the last night of his successful quarter! #5 in his region! seriously babe, I am so proud and way to go! 

not as delicious as the bonus will be, but it certainly does come close….


Now on to next quarter’s numbers….


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