Tiny Space? Tiny Solution?

7 Apr

My BFF made a good comment when I saw her last week about my blog and where it displays what book I am reading it says: “On my nightstand,” which is kinda a small white lie. I don’t have a nightstand in my bedroom. The bedroom furniture is huge {that was free} for our tiny bedroom {that is also free} and so I can’t really complain–BUT I am going to complain for 2 seconds because hey it is my blog after all.  At the moment my iphone, dvd and tv remote, and book that I am reading is not on a nightstand, but a RADIATOR. yup that is right. nightstand=radiator {when it isn’t pumping heat out of it of course}

This really gives me very little wiggle room and I really miss having my own nightstand with a reading light, alarm, book, water and other accessories that I just love to have accessible.  I have gotten use to it because well it is free and like I said I can’t complain–but oh how sweet this little invention would help me out dearly in my everyday life.

blog meet murphy life. {which was also seen on Cup Of Jo blog}

seriously? This invention is just screaming my name to have it built next to my bed!  It is like a murphy bed where it can fold back up to save space. Where have you been all year long? If anyone else is struggling with really tight space for your nightstand this may be the solution for you too! I am not handy with tools so I may have to entice my husband to take on this project if we end up staying in this apartment next year.  I will give you back rubs for an entire month. okay two.


One Response to “Tiny Space? Tiny Solution?”

  1. theclambroll April 7, 2010 at 9:45 am #

    Oooh I think that is a great solution!!! Do it, Steve! 🙂

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